Appaman for Winter

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Nolan’s Coat | Harper’s Coat

Here in South Carolina, the temps went from upper 80s to upper 50s overnight. NO JOKE! It might be fall (the season) but it feels like winter! I switched out all of our summer clothes with our winter and fall clothes and thanks to Appaman, the kids have warm winter coats for fall and winter.

Appaman is inspired by, and named after, the childhood companion of founder and designer Harald Husum. While growing up in Norway, Husum befriended a corduroy ape named Appaman. Together they traveled the fields and fjords of their native land, sharing many fantastic adventures. Appaman reflects the whimsical spirit of those youthful times and celebrates the unbreakable bond between a boy and his ape.

I love finding clothings brands that are outside of the normal clothing box for the kids. Something that really stands out and shows off their styles is really important, along with quality. I know that most of us realize how expensive children’s clothing can be when they grow so quickly and that often times leads us to buying cheaper brands. Unfortunately those cheaper brands are cheap for a reason and they don’t hold up well at all. I have found that instead of buying cheap clothing that messes up after a wear or two, if I buy high quality staple pieces, they last several seasons and can be passed down to the other kids. One thing that I always make sure we buy of great quality are jeans and jackets.

These coats are actually the next size up in what Nolan and Harper currently wear of their clothes. I did this so that they could wear them for two years verses one. These coats are not only the warmest and high quality out there, they are THE “it” coats of the year! You can also recognize an Appaman coat by the iconic monkey patch on the shoulder. I’ve spotted a few out and about and I always make sure to shout out the company when I do. You can head to the Appaman website and see for yourself all the styles they have to offer!