The Best Non-Toxic Toys for Small Kids

This post is in partner with Lovevery. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.

With five (soon to be six!) kids, I’ve seen my fair share of kid’s toys and I’ve also learned that with toys, less is more! When kids have an abundance of toys, they tend to collect in areas and not get played with, but when there are just one or two in sight, the kids will actually play with them. When my kids play with toys, I want the intention behind them to help develop their sensory, motor and cognitive skills. Honestly, I’ve stopped buying a lot of “mainstream” toys because they are NOT helping develop any of those things and are just marketed to us as parents to meet those needs. Is it possible to find a toy company that helps meet kids where they are? Can their toys specifically help them learn and develop their brain with play? Does the toy situation have to be extremely overwhelming for parents and consume the house?

A couple years ago, I was on the hunt for some new non-toxic toys for my littlest girls and that’s when I was introduced to Lovevery. I went to their website and checked out the brand and I was sooo impressed with their story and their mission. Lovevery does a wonderful job at combining all the wants I have as a parent for my children and their toys. They create curated toy kits for ages 0-3 years old that are brain boosting, Montessori-inspired, and perfect for your child at whatever stage they are currently at. They became an instant favorite in our house. I will never buy another brand of children’s toys for these ages because Lovevery meets all of the needs we have without the clutter!

In our old house, we had built in book shelves with cabinets on the bottoms (we’re still trying to organize everything and find the best places for the kid’s items in our new house). This was where Mercy and Vivi’s toys were stored so they were easily accessible for them. We loosely follow Montessori guidelines in our home when it comes to helping our children become more independent. When toys, plates, cups, shoes and their items are easily accessible, you will notice that your children are immediately gravitating towards getting things for themselves which gives them the feeling of independence and gives them more control. They will go over to their cabinet and begin to play without an adult having to prompt them or help them.

I love a subscription service that delivers directly to your home and since I signed up to do this with Lovevery, they send new play kits every 3 months for the kids. They are filled with a wide range toys that engage your curious and ever-changing babies and toddlers, from pretty puzzles boards and stacking boulders for honing fine-motor skills, to cheerful felt flowers and a tea set for imaginative play, to a working sink, spray bottle, and squeegee for hours of squeaky-clean fun, and play mats for your littlest! These are filled with toys that inspire play but also with instructions on how to maximize your play time with your child and the items in the box.

During the first three years in a child’s life, play is critical for their mental development. Lovevery worked with researchers and specialists to design their Play Kits subscription, offering stage-appropriate play products delivered on a schedule that aligns with the baby’s development. Subscriptions start at $80 a month. How does it work? You enter your childs age on their website, subscribe to a play kit dedicated for their specific developmental needs at that age, and receive a kit on your doorstep every 3 months. Easy peasy and you’re not buying random junk toys and wasting money!

We actually save money on kids toys now that we use Lovevery because our children are actually playing with them and the quality is so high that they don’t break like cheaply made toys. Because I love them so much, I also gift them to friends at birthday parties! Check out this brand and see if it’s something your little ones might enjoy!

Read more about why I choose a toy subscription for my kids here and receive free shipping on all play kit subscriptions for your kids (or give one as a gift)!