Everyday playroom session: confession of a SAHWM

Nolan’s shirt | Harper’s shirt | pants | Scarlet Reese’s onsie

In case you didn’t know, working at home with your kids is ridiculously hard. At the end of every single day, I am exhausted and amazed at all of the tasks I have accomplished. Some days, more things have been checked off of my to-do list than others but that’s just the way life goes. There’s nothing you can do to stop a girl that is on fire. That’s what I speak to all of my ladies on my team and to myself as a pep talk. I have goals and I refuse to push them to the sidelines just because I had kids. I can achieve my dreams while being their mama. I don’t have to wait until they go off to college to start working on my life goals. One thing that I’ve learned about working from home with all of them is to balance (as much as possible) work and play.

There are certain times a day where I know I can get things done. In the car after I take Nolan to school I have a slim window of time where I can make phone calls. After I’ve fixed Harper breakfast and she is gobbling down her food I check emails. While she puts together a puzzle and the baby is down for her morning nap I do my social media posts and while they both nap after lunch, I normally write a blog and do whatever else I need to do. Through out the day other than those moments, I devote to them.

I am present because they need that from me.  One thing that we make sure to do every single day is have a group hang out sesh in the playroom. It could be reading books, drawing and writing on the chalkboard, building castles with blocks or playing with action figures and dolls. No matter what they want to do, I make sure that they know I am down for whatever and I am happy to participate with them.

Mom-guilt is real and I faced it for quite sometime when I was constantly on my phone working. Now that I’ve acknowledged it, I decided to do something about it and change my schedule to work for myself and my kiddos. Life only happens once and I suggest that you spend it wisely. No one wants to look back and say, “I wish I would have or could have done thing or that…” figure out what works for you and your family and make the best out of it!

p.s. I have been doing SO good at not over buying clothes for the kids. We are sticking to our guns with creating time capsule wardrobes for everyone. You can read more about that and our favorite clothing from Colored Organics on my prevous post. Use code: LSW25 for 25% off! I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Read my disclaimer page for more information.


  • Amanda

    Oh your babes are just PRECIOUS!! I absolutely love this post, I can so relate to it. It’s all about balance and it’s definitely easier said than done sometimes! Thank you so much for sharing <3