Our Fav Foods in Florence


As many of you know, we recently moved to another town in South Carolina. I say recently, this happened back in March. It was a really crazy time because I had just gone on a trip to Washington, D.C. with Beautycounter, Harper turned four and we had her birthday party then we moved. AHHHHH! And I won’t get into to much detail but we are having to move AGAIN into another rental. (I will elaborate on this but later!)

I grew up in a small town near Florence, SC and when I went to college, I went to Francis Marion University. I lived in Florence for five years while I was in college and I loved it. It’s a smaller town but has a Target, Starbucks and a handful of really great restaurants. Derrek and I are big foodies and anytime we get out the house, we are in search of a good place to eat. When we first moved to Florence, we went wild and starting eating out at a different place every time. What we have found is that we didn’t love everything and that we needed to stick with the places that we have good experiences with.

Dining out is a huge novelty and especially with kids. We make it a habit to go out maybe twice a week. If not, we get into a BAD habit of going out every night. It’s not good for our budget to do that nor for our waist lines haha. I always call eating out our “vacation meals” because it’s venturing outside of our normal food routine. When we go to a restaurant, the kids take their Amazon fire tablets and they play with them while we wait on the food to come. This buys Derrek and I time to talk to each other and have “me time” even with the kids around. Our connection means a lot to us and we try to keep it that way anyway we can.

Our favorite place to eat in Florence, SC is King Jefe. HANDS DOWN! They have a mix and match taco menu that will knock your socks off, fresh queso, salsa and Guac and my fav… a poke bowl. I craved King Jefe so much during my pregnancy that I would go several times a week. Not even ashamed! hahaha. Anyway, it’s always where we go with or without the kids and it never disappoints. If you want a sweet treat, get the churros!

Other places that we love in Florence are: Tubbs Seafood, Starfire Grill, Redbone Alley, Victors and Town Hall. Some of these are kid friendly and some of them, we just go to alone. Please let me know if you come to Florence and try any of them, I would love to hear your review.