My top five store bought snacks that are healthy

We are a family of snackers. At the same time, we are also super ingredient conscious and have looked high and low for snacks that are actually healthy and pass the test. I try to go with as few ingredients as possible in our foods – especially snacks.

Unfortunately the snack world is full of deceptive marketing and we can all fall victim to brands claiming to be better for us than they actually are. A lot of ingredient reading, researching and trying first hand is how I vetted the snacks that are allowed in our household. Here is a great article on how deceptive marketing in the snack world works.

Our family is such a large one that I try to have prepped and ready fresh foods for our constant snacking. This is my children and my own first options when it comes to a snack… I do not suggest having a plethora of premade snacks because your children will always grab for those first.

I also I keep a few remade things stocked (thanks SC Real Foods!) for when we want something a little more than the stapes we make ourselves. The majority of our foods at home are fresh and I buy certain pre mades for the week and weekend. The key is to keeping mostly fresh as your main focus then adding in pre mades to fill in spaces so you don’t find yourselves spending tons of money on snacks.
⠀Here are five healthy snacks we’re loving right now ⬇️

These are my personal favorite five healthy snack grabs right now:
@goodfoods buffalo dip 
@vermont bbq beef sticks
@baseculture banana nut bread 
@lillyshummus regular hummus
fresh fruit
What are your favorite healthy snacks right now? Share them with me in a comment!