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My Favorite Sports Bra Ever + Matching Leggings

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I never in my life expected that I would actually wear workout clothing to work out but here I am…. I am also a mom of five and it was after my fifth baby that I really fell in love with a particular workout. Up until this point, I’ve bounced around at different gyms, trying different routines but it wasn’t until I started my yoga practice after Vivi was born that I really found joy in my workouts.

What I love about working out is that it gives me a safe space where I can have something that is just mine for one whole hour away from all of the kids. It’s not my job. It’s not something that requires anyone else but me. The yoga studio where I practice, Soullift has really been a game changer in my life since I first found it. All of my worries and stress melt away when I am on my mat because my yoga practice requires focus and meditation to correctly “flow.” The teachers that I’ve met along the way have poured words of affirmation into me in such a positive way that I could never repay them.

I practice almost every single day and with my practice, I need a very supportive sports bra that I can always depend on no matter what position I’m in but especially upside down. I found the Shop DYI Yoga brand through a friend’s social media account and grabbed a sports bra per her recommendation. After that one purchase, I’ve slowly moved all of my sports bras over to all Shop DYI. They are so soft, hold me in but also allow me the ability to nurse in them. I also love that they have matching leggings sets. I grabbed these new ones today! Right now, you can grab yours with my exclusive discount of 30% off use code: LITTLESOUTHERNWIFE30 at checkout.