My Counterman

In regards to switching to safer, men should NOT be left out. They are being targeted and it’s quite alarming to see. Men in their 30s are testing low in testosterone and are having issues with growing breast tissues (man boobs) and low and no sperm count. What is the cause to this you ask? It’s a common result of an abundance of estrogen. Where is the estrogen coming from? Their personal care products. Go into any store and flip over a men’s personal care product – it could be their body wash, shaving cream or even deodorant the chances of you finding an ingredient with estrogen is almost 100%.

Since finding this out, Derrek has allowed me to transition his products to safer. He is super picky about what he uses and will not use anything he doesn’t love. He is my toughest critic and always the deciding factor of what we have in our house. After a few years of testing different brands, he has fallen in love with Beautycounter. He actually uses a lot of their body products like the body wash, shampoo, conditioner and even the Balancing face oil and Overnight Resurfacing Peel. I had to give him one of his Christmas presents early because Beautycounter launched their men’s line of products called Counterman.

Perfectly packed for virtually any kind of escape, this comprehensive kit includes travel-size versions of men’s skin care and shave essentials—all tucked into a sleek limited-edition kit. The Counterman collection comes with a daily exfoliating cleanser (jojoba beads gently sweep away daily impurities), smoothing shave cream (conditioning cream helps soften facial hair to promote a close shave), oil-free face lotion (lightweight and non-greasy formula absorbs quickly for daily hydration) and a cooling aftershave tonic (formulated with menthol to cool post-shave irritation) Now that #noshavenovember is officially gone, Derrek will be shaving his beard very soon and he will be able to use all of the products in his new Counterman set!

This is the perfect gift for all the men in your life regardless of their age. I actually purchased one for my nephew who is 18 and I share that because he will never read my blog so he won’t find out what he is getting for Christmas haha. It’s perfectly priced and comes in a nice travel case that they can use well after the products are used. All the men in your life should get this for Christmas because lets face it, they would be much more excited to unbox this than another tie or button up shirt.


  • Lauren Clark

    Omg I’m so looking into this for my husband. I’ve been trying to get him to transition to safer products and just as Derrick he is the toughest critic! I’m still trying to get him to desperately switch deodorant and buying him this set will fix my problem with his shaving products and his God awful aftershave! Thank you for this recommendation! ❤️