Making Memories in the kitchen with Junk-Free Ingredients!

Once a week, I try to bake something in the kitchen with my kids. This is something that I’ve done since they were little and they absolutely love it. Derrek always loves any excuse to make brownies or cookies and we have made this into a family event! It is messier than if you were doing it by yourself, but it’s the memories that are really important to not that the kitchen is spotless. My children love to help out in the kitchen, and I think that baking your own sweet treat is a wonderful way to build their confidence and also to let them be involved in the making of their own food. I grew up baking and have so many amazing memories in the kitchen with loved ones.

In our home, we focus on living a healthier lifestyle and the ingredients of our food are something that holds a lot of weight in our daily diet. It has taken me several years to find ready-made baking kits that are filled with good ingredients that actually taste good. Seriously y’all! Either the baking kits I found were filled with yuck ingredients or they tasted horrible! The real truth when you’re switching to healthier alternatives is that sometimes it takes a little while to find the things that you like the most. Foodstirs Junk-Free Bakery’s premade baking kits have been a huge hit in my house for a few years now. The kids always decide if we are going to make brownies or chocolate chip cookies and they run to the cabinet when it’s time to make our sweet treat.

These baking kits have high-quality organic ingredients and are super easy to make. Foodstirs baking products and kits are lower in sugar, Non-GMO and USDA organic, and are Glyphosate® Residue Free (which means there are NO pesticides). It’s much easier to enjoy these sweet treats when we know that all of the harmful junk is left out! We love them and they taste delicious! I strongly encouraged you to check out this brand, and I would love for you to share any organic baking companies that you know of. We are always looking to add different things into our weekly baking session in the kitchen! If you try FoodStirs, make sure you let me know all about your experience!