Why You Should Want My Favorite Ethically Sourced Lipstick

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The world has vanilla in more of a demand than ever, requiring over 3,000 tons a year. I had no idea the ins and outs of the vanilla sourcing chain until Beautycounter recently relaunched their Sheer Genius lip sheers and Beyond Gloss lip glosses with ethically sourced vanilla. The process of growing and preparing vanilla is a long and hard process, taking the ethical and sustainable route makes it even harder. I love that Beautycounter is working harder to do better putting people and planet over profit. They are a B CORP – you can read more about that by clicking here.

By focusing heavily on the sourcing of vanilla used in our products, we can help improve the lives of vanilla farmers, the working conditions the have and fair wages. We have taken the time to form a great relationship with a best-in-class supplier who has the same values when it comes to caring for the people that are collecting that ingredient. Beautycounter is only formulating with ECOCERT – certified organic Madagascar vanilla sourced with the highest quality vanilla and and the community that farms it. ECOCERT is one of the largest and most respected organic certification organizations in the world. The ECOCERT label means that the vanilla in our Sheer Genius and Beyond Gloss has achieved leading global standards for organic cultivation.

I have to share all the love that I have for the Beautycounter lip products because they are ALL that I use. Seriously, I have not used another lip products in years, they are that good. I personally am a lipstick lover and the Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick is my jam. It’s made to be super creamy, not sticky and extremely conditioning for your lips. I often say that the Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipsticks are like a tinted chapstick. They are heavenly. My personal favorite colors are: Lily and Rose. These lipsticks will last you a year or so and will quickly become your favorite. The Beyond Glosses are something that I am really blown away with since their updated formula launched. This gloss gives you mega shine and also lip conditioning benefits. It’s not sticky and is long lasting and gives a beautiful pop of color. My personal favorite colors are: Amber Shimmer + Mulberry.

What exactly is NEW when it comes to our lip products?

  1. Responsibly sourced organic vanilla – the new vanilla we use is from Madagascar, where the highest quality vanilla is products and where we have aligned with suppliers who work ethically and help support the local community.
  2. Updated shade rage – we have more shades of lip products than ever! Check out the glosses which have expanded to 14 shades and the lipsticks which has 10 shades.
  3. New packaging – both products got a major upgrade inside and out! The updated packaging is so beautiful and has upgraded features like locking tubes and magnetic closures.

Like I said above, I LOVE the Beautycounter lip products. It’s one of the many reasons that I became a consultant, I wanted them for 25% off! They are the only ones that I use and I know you’ll love them just as much if not more. If you’re not a color any other than your natural lip, try the Pearl or Quartz Shimmer shades to just get a shine and instant plumping. Please reach out to me if you have any questions about specific products.

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