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Foods I Make Sure To Eat As A Postpartum Mom

Postpartum is hard. What makes me sad, as a mom, is seeing how this entire experience from conception to postpartum just isn’t celebrated more educated about enough. What we’ve been led to believe by society just isn’t true and it’s especially on point with postpartum care for Mom. How are we supposed to take care of our newborn and ourselves when we don’t know what that looks like?

I try my hardest to share about how important rest is postpartum. Items that make this time easier for baby and Mom. Also dairy free meals that are easy enough for a spouse or loved one fix to help nourish.

Growing and birthing a baby is no easy accomplishment and Mom really needs help healing. It’s also very important for breast feeding Moms to eat healthy because your baby’s growth and development can depend on it.

Focusing on eating well postpartum can help you with a few things:

Here are a list of foods that I make sure to keep in my postpartum diet to help heal and nourish my body:

coconut water – full of electrolytes

beef – full of zinc, magnesium, taurine, carnitine, B vitamins, folate, methionine, and glycine.

raw dairy – full of protein, fat, enzymes, probiotics, MAG, P, Ca vitamins K, A, B1 and D

fresh fruit – full of fiber, potassium, supports the liver, hydration, and blood sugar regulation

bone broth – filled with minerals, collagen, amino acids, gut healing and helps regulate dopamine

oats – supports healthy milk production

pastured eggs – high in choline, vitamins A, K, D, E, B complex and minerals

oily fish – high in vitamin D

butter – high in iodine, vitamins A, D, E and selenium

If you’re wanting to really take your health to the next level during your postpartum, make sure to keep your pantry stocked with these items and make time to make yourself nourishing meals. Eating high quality foods, making sure you have enough calories, and making sure you are staying hydrated are your top priorities.

Will you try implementing these into your food rotation? Share with me!