3 Easy Dairy Free Meals To Eat Postpartum

After having six kids, I can tell you with 100% certainty that resting is so important for you to do postpartum.

I know this might be out of your comfort zone per say but you will never regret letting your body heal verses overdoing it and causing it damage.

Read more about why resting postpartum is important.

It’s also extremely important to nourish your deleted body while it’s trying to renourish itself and your newborn. If you’re blessed to have people bring you meals, that’s helping out a lot. So make sure to eat! If you’re depending on a spouse to cook for you, listen up! This is for you.

Here are three diary free meals that my husband was able to easily cook while managing the other five kids as I rested with our newborn.

So how can you make this happen? A little (a lot) of planning before your baby comes.




I hope that you try these recipes out and consider having them made for you to nourish your body postpartum. Let me know if you decide to try!

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