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Girl’s Night Must Haves – Beauty Product Edition

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to vacation in Santa Barbara at the Biltmore with a few hundred other ladies. This group of women and myself, won a trip from our company for our hard work over the course of last summer. Amongst those ladies were a few of my personal teammates, which made the trip even more special. Before that weekend, I hadn’t had a “girls night” since I got pregnant five years ago. Five years yall! Although I love my family and my Little’s, having a few days to myself was amazing and I am so refreshed because of it.

My teammate, Christine Brown, and I ended up getting ready together before each event we had while on the trip and it was so much fun! I had forgotten how much fun getting ready to go out with your girlfriends is and I’m thankful for Christine doing that with me.

A lot has changed since my college years and one of them is my standards on the beauty products I use. I use to buy what was cheapest and could have cared less about what toxic crap I was covering my body with. I thought it would be fun to share some of the products we use to get ready!

Let’s talk hair, what are your must haves for your hair and would you rather wear it straight or curly?

Christine: On most days, my hair is in a messy bun to be honest (three children will do that to you). But for girls night I want loads of volume!! Honestly if I go curly or straight it just depends on what day hair I’m on. Like Amanda I go a few days between washes. If it’s very clean – I’ll do straight hair that’s very full around my roots. Then if it’s a few days since I’ve washed I throw in some curls – my hair holds curls beat on day 2 or 3 – and again, loads of Volume using the Volumizing Mist!

Amanda: I personally like my hair curly with a lot of volume. I wash it once a week with the Beautycounter shampoo and conditioner then I blow dry it with my Wet Brush. Then, I use a curling wand that I purchased off of Amazon for less than $30 and it works wonders on my hair and takes less than 10 minutes! After that, I spray with the Volumizing Mist, flip my head over and finger comb. That’s it!

Makeup or hair first? Which do you prefer?

Christine: I do make up first because I like my hair out of my face while applying my Skin Twin! Then if I’m in a hurry to get out of the door I won’t forget to do any make up steps. Like only applying mascara to one eye – because that’s happened to me a time or two in the past.

Amanda: I like doing my hair first. I don’t know why, it makes me feel like I am a lot more far along in the getting ready process!

What additions do you make to your “everyday” makeup to make it glam for your GNO?

Christine: Bronzer, bronzer, bronzer. I love to contour with our matte bronzer. Girls nights are usually at places with low light, so I feel going heavy on the bronzer is a must!

Amanda: So my normal makeup routine is: tint skin foundation, concealer, mattify powder, blush, eye brow pencil, mascara and lip sheer. When I get ready for a girls night out I always do another layer of the tint skin foundation over my mattify powder, add in bronzer and highlighter from the Ocean and Pacific Palette, wear eye shadows and eyeliner! Oh and of course mascara too!

Lotion or body oil to hydrate your skin?

Christine: Depends on what I’m wearing. If I’m showing a lot of skin, the Shimmer Body Oil all the way. But if it’s cooler weather and I’m pretty covered, the Beautycounter Citrus Body Lotion is my go to.

Amanda: I personally love a body oil and over the summer, I fell in love with the Shimmer Body Oil. It really gives me a summer sheen that I can’t get enough of and makes me feel bronzed like an Egyptian goddess. Who doesn’t love that?

When you’re getting ready, what music is playing?

Christine: Honestly, my husband and I share a Spotify account. So I blast his workout playlist which is filled with old school rap, X rated rap, and a few country love songs. Idk how he chooses what makes it to this play list, but I love it!

Amanda: well, Christine can attest to this, I have a very random music selection. One minute it’s country, then Justin Timberlake and all of a sudden a hardcore rap song will pay. “Purple Lamborghini” by Rick Ross always gets me pumped up.

Would you rather wear bright eye makeup or a bright lip?

Christine: I rarely ever wear a bright lip. I’m a neutral kind of girl with my make up, wardrobe, and even home decor!! Ha. But I will add in a brown eyeliner occasionally when I’m stepping up my make up game. Insider tip, the dark brow pencils can be used as an under eye eyeliner as well!

Amanda: I LOVE a bright lip and that’s always my go to. The Beautycounter lipsheers have spoiled me… I go back and forth between Coral, Rose or Raisin! It’s my favorite way to brighten my face without doing a lot of work!