Crazy For Floral

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Today, I am officially 36 weeks which seems completely crazy to say! I feel like just yesterday, I was buying a pregnancy test to check and see if we would be having a third baby in 2016. Yep, it’s happening y’all! I am completely in awe of how my body has changed over the course of this pregnancy. I have gone from around 105 pounds, breast feeding and working out hard daily to 135, not breast feeding and working out LIGHTLY. When I say lightly, I do my squats and prenanatal yoga when I feel like it. I haven’t pushed my body like crazy these past few months and it’s been okay to give myself a break for a bit. I know once she comes, I will be back to my regular yoga and working out AND breastfeeding always sucks off the weight.

I’ve heard everything from “you’re about to pop!” To “how are you carrying a girl? You’ve only gained in your belly!” And let me tell ya, the world is so strange. I just smile and nod when people speak to me because I am in pure amazement at the comments that come out of their mouths! It’s crazy how people lose their filter when it comes to pregnant women. Thankfully, I’ve formed a thick skin about it as this is my third go-round. I really do appreciate (and so does my husband) the extra cushion that I’ve gotten during this pregnancy. I challenge all of my pregnant mamas to not take it so hard on yourself when you look into the mirror. KNOW that you are making a baby and your body is adapting for that exact reason! Don’t let what other people say stress you; just let it roll off of your back like the sweat that’s happening in this hot and humid summer, haha! Throw on your favorite dress that makes you feel beautiful and enjoy your day because soon, you won’t be pregnant anymore, and you’ll miss it like crazy.

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