The Perfect Popsicle

Isn’t it safe to say that summer and popsicles go together like peas and carrots? As the temps get higher in the South, my sweet tooth – and the kids becomes more and more apparent. We have been soaking up the beautiful weather by the pool or at the beach and afterwards we always enjoy something sweet on the porch. The kids love popsicles so I figured I would skip the yucky ingredients that fill the store brand kind and make our own! Nolan and Harper are very hands on in the kitchen, they always love helping especially making smoothies for breakfast. Making popsicles follows the same concept as their breakfast smoothies so they are very involved with making their own! We make our popsicles with fruit and Baby Booster protein powder so we all get the best nutrients from our special treat. I love Baby Booster protein powder because of the formula that they use to make it! You can read all about it here in my previous post. The Superfruit Punch flavor is perfect for making popsicles and adds the right amount of sweetness to our special treat. Check out my recipe below and make them for yourself and your littles. You will love how great it tastes and your body will love all the great ingredients included. Use code: littlesouthernwife for 15% off of your order!

-2 scoops of Superfruit Punch Baby Booster protein powder
-10 oz of water
-1 cup of frozen berries
-2 tablespoons of chia seeds

1. blend all ingredients until smooth
2. pour into popsicle molds
3. freeze until hardened
4. run popsicle molds under warm water until the popsicles release from the mold