Maxi Dresses: The Easy Way to Look Put Together

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Happy Hump day ya’ll! I don’t know how the weather is where you are but here in SC it is sweltering hot! It normally doesn’t start cooling down here until October or November. This leads me into explaining that I will not be posting much fall/winter styles until that actually happens. I have seen so many bloggers and influencers posting with scarves and over the knee boots and ya’ll, I just cannot do it.

Let me introduce you to my BFF and has been for years: the flowy maxi dress. It doesn’t matter what you are doing in life, you need maxi dresses. Feeling like you ate to many sweets the day before? Throw on a maxi. Need to look dressy without spending a lot of time and effort on an outfit? Throw on a maxi. Don’t feel like shaving your legs? Throw on a maxi. Pregnant and your shorts don’t fit anymore? Throw on a maxi. I mean I could go on and on with this but ya’ll are hopefully picking up what I am putting down!

Maxi dresses make me feel beautiful when I am pregnant and especially when they are in my favorite colors like this gorgeous pink one. I picked this up from Pink Blush Boutique and thought it would be perfect to wear again next spring and summer when I am not pregnant. It even has pockets ya’ll! I paired it with these wedges that I am digging right now because they are so comfy and a pair of glam earrings from Cindy Borders Jewelry. I would go grab this maxi before it sells out because everyone has been asking me millions of questions about it since I first posted.

If you buy, please tag me when you wear it. I would love to see your style with it on.