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Baking Made Fun with Foodstirs


I didn’t do a lot of baking at my house when I was growing up. My mom rarely cooked meals and when she did it was something quick and easy. We never spent time in the kitchen baking cookies or a sweet treat to snack on. Now that I am a mother with three Little’s of my own, I really find comfort in creating fun memories with them. One of the traditions we started with Nolan and continues with our growing family is having the kids help in the kitchen.

On the weekends, Nolan and Harper normally help Derrek make pancakes with lots of berries, bananas and nuts. They love getting involved and are so excited throughout the entire process. When it comes to baking sweets, I’ve never really been comfortable with it because it’s unfamiliar territory to me. The measurements have to be so precise for everything to turn out JUST right and I have never really been good at that.

Foodstirs sent us a few of their organic and non-gmo baking boxes and I am so thankful because everything was prepackaged so I didn’t have to worry about measurements. Harper and I had some time to ourselves while Scarlet Reese was napping and Nolan was at school so we opened one of the boxes and decided to make cookies!

I was really impressed with the box because it had everything we needed for the process. Even the cookie cutters! Harper “helped” me a lot during the process and I ended up giving her control over the cookies so they were not picture perfect but it’s ok! It was still so much fun.

Foodstirs was co-founded by long-time friends and parents, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman, after being touched by the distinctive way baking helped them truly connect with their children in the heart of the home – the kitchen.

Shocked by the lack of clean baking options on the market, they set out to create a brand that is high quality, accessible and delicious.

Together, they are determined to help people around the world upgrade their pantry while providing a product that gives them the opportunity to focus on what’s truly important—baking sweet memories with loved ones in the kitchen.

I highly suggest checking out Foodstirs and making memories with your kiddos. It’s so much fun getting them involved in projects and also they get so excited!  I was given these items in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please check out my disclaimer page for more information.