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A girl and her Doll…

Harper’s room is one of my favorite rooms in our house – you can get the links to the décor in her room HERE. It’s so bright and girlie, I love the shades of pinks and gold in there. When we get some girl time, we often head up there and play. I love that each of my kids have their own space and they each truly enjoy it! Harper just got her new doll from Amelia’s Kisses and has been carrying her around everywhere! The quality of the crochet dolls she has from Amelia’s Kisses blows me away and they have truly found a home with our little girl. When Harper brushes her teeth she wants to brush her dolls, when she eats lunch she tells me her doll is hungry too and when she gets dressed she loves adding a bow to her doll so they match. She has started talking so much, she might only say one or two words but she gets her point across and when my baby says “bow, match!” I make it happen. She wanted to read a book in her bed so that’s what we did while we were in her room. Of course her doll was right by her side and she kept sticking bows in her hair so they would “match!”

I love these cute little cotton bows from Lou Lou & Company! I plan on adding a lot more to our collection and once we find out if our next baby is a boy or girl I am making sure that we get the newborn essential bundle. Until then, Harper gets her fill of bows and I picked out pinks and a Chambery so that they would match with most of her Spring clothes! I love putting her in a dark blue or black outfit and adding a bright pop of color with her bow. It’s so much fun dressing up little girls and Harper agrees because she has now started dressing her dolls as you can see! I’ve been working with her about keeping them in so we can keep the hair out of her face and I have noticed that if she can pick out the bow, it lasts longer in her hair. We have such a little independent soul and she has staked her claim on her new bows from Lou Lou & Company.