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Let’s talk teas.
I am a SOUTHERNER and I used to make my sweet tea with Liptons and a cup of white sugar.
YUPPPPP. I did that.

Now that I’ve learned how truly horrible that is, I don’t drink it and when it’s offered, it honestly tastes like dirty dishwater to me. Here are the top three reasons I suggest NOT drinking sweet tea anymore for:

It’s SUPER interesting to me that teas can be healthy for you and actually do your body more good than bad.

So, how did I get started drinking teas again? My friend, Rachel, introduced me to Tea Motions and it helped me cut out coffee as well. I haven’t drank coffee since early January and I do not miss it one bit! I love this brand for many reasons, one of them being the fact that the blends are organic, fair-trade and made in the U.S.

Check this out:

Now, I drink several cups of adaptogenic teas a day for emotional well-being. Each tea is a powerful self-care tool that Tea Motions has created to have a unique emotional benefit to help nourish your mind, body, and soul. They accomplish this by the use of adaptogen herbs in each blend. Adaptogens are natural super-herbs which can help your body naturally regulate physiological stressors, resist fatigue, and improve mood. Don’t we all need that in our lives? I sweeten my tea with honey, right now, I am loving the Bee You and Me brand (use code: Amanda25 for 25% off!

I also love that they carry caffeinated and non caffeinated options so you can drink morning and night. My favorite two blends are: Achieve Clarity and Enjoy Rest.

Have you ever thought about drinking teas for your health? Use code: LITTLESOUTHERNWIFE for 15% off of your purchase when you shop the Tea Motions website.