4 Things You Should Do Every Sunday

I just cannot believe that it’s Sunday. The weekend really flew by.

The kids, Derrek and I spent the weekend with friends and also knocking out lots of random projects around our house and in the yard.

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. We get to go to church (or watch a sermon from home), eat lunch outside and then I start my routine of getting organized for the week.

I share about this quite often, you can get the catch up version on my stories today), because it really does change my week in a positive way.

I am a mom of five children who are active in sports and with their friends, busy with 3 jobs and fitting in a workout every day. Did I mention actively working on a relationship with God, my husband and friends? Ya girl can use all the help she can get.

There are several things that I’ve learned to integrate into my daily life that help me. Building habits of organization in different areas of my life has helped not only myself but my entire family thrive. Check out the top five things that do every Sunday that I am sure will help your week if you start doing them as well.

  1. Meal Prep. If I don’t meal prep, we don’t eat well during the week. Either what we throw together is super random and “does the job” or we end up ordering take out. Neither of which I want to do. With a family size like mine, I do my best to make it easy for them to have healthy options available at all times. Click here to read more about how I meal prep.

2. Schedule Out Your Week. Our schedules are all over the place. I remember this mom telling me when I had 2 toddlers only “you’ll miss this. This is the least crazy your schedules will be for the rest of their lives at home.” BOY, was she right!!!! I cannot believe just how easily the week gets busy but it does. Between my schedule, husband’s schedule and then add in five kids activities… I cannot remember it all. I do my best to take Sundays to write down all the things that are upcoming so I don’t forget. I also go over our week with my husband. This keeps us on the same page. The planner that I use and love is linked right here.

3. Catch Up On Laundry. This is a no brainer. It’s almost impossible to catch up on laundry when you’re behind. The catch up always sucks hours out of my day so I try my best to make every Sunday catch up whatever needed to be washed. This week it was kids clothing because they hid a lot in weird spaces in their bedrooms and all the linens from everyone’s rooms. I love a good clean bed to start a new week! Click here to read more about what nontoxic laundry detergent I use that’s baby and husband approved.

4. Clean your makeup brushes. Listen, I was that girl that probably didn’t wash her makeup brushes for several years. I never made the time to wash my brushes but now that I do. I can tell you that not only does it make a huge difference in the application of product but cleanliness. Click here to read more information about why it’s important and how I clean my brushes.

I know that it can be difficult to make yourself do these things when you’re not used to but I promise with time, you’ll build out habits that will positively impact your week. Let me know if you already do any of these in your life or if you’re interested in trying them.

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