What’s in mainstream DEO and what nontoxic brand I swear by

I’m so glad that Beautycounter finally perfected their deo game because their formula is better than any nontoxic deo I’ve ever tried. Just FYI, I’ve tried over 15 brand in my quest for safer deodorant. In case you’re wondering “what is Beautycounter?” this is a brand with a longtime commitment to natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. It’s taken years to formulate the Clean Deos from Beautycounter, but why?

Allure Magazine had this to say “The five-year holdup was due in part to Beautycounter’s insistence on housing the new deodorant in recyclable, refillable packaging (a first for the brand). Like many other beauty products, deodorant is often made with mixed materials, which makes packaging impossible to recycle. With The New Deo, all you have to do is pop the stick out of its packaging and toss it straight in the recycling bin. After, you can easily snap a refill into the same chic outer packaging. According to Beautycounter, opting for a refill, instead of a whole new deodorant, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 47 percent and the amount of waste in landfills — as well as the amount of money coming out of your bank account. Refills are $18, while a whole new package is $28.”

Why does it matter if you’re using a “clean” nontoxic deo?

The ingredients in mainstream brands are filled with chemicals that can cause health issues and trap heavy metals that cannot detox through the skin.

Antiperspirants aren’t the way to go when it comes to a deo because we are meant to sweat and the aluminum in that product clogs your pores and stops the natural detoxification process we have. A clean deodorant is there to cover up the stink and allow your body to naturally do what is is meant to do.

If you’re wanting to switch from mainstream deo to clean, I suggest the following detoxification process:

1. Use a charcoal bar to detox what’s been trapped in your pores. I use this one and it will take about 2 weeks to complete this step of the detox process.

2. Apple cider vinegar on a organic cotton round to restore the PH levels.

3. A charcoal mask 2x a week during the detox period and once a month after that. I use this charcoal mask and it really pulls out all the stuff hiding under the surface.

4. Shave with a nontoxic razor blade like the Preserve brand from Grove. What’s in the strip of your razors will shock you if you look it up. I love this brand because its eco friendly and actually works.

5. Apply the new Beautycounter clean deo and you’re set for the day!

After trying a zillion different brands that just did not work for me, I finally found the one with Beautycounter! My personal favorite scent is ROSE and second fav being COCONUT.

There are so many perks to using a clean deo, two of my personal favorites aside from health factors are that it’s beneficial for our plant because it has refillable cartridges + the cartridges are actually giving you MORE product which means more bang for your buck.

I hope in 2021, you make the switch to clean deodorant. It will really make a positive impact in your health and with my tips you can make the best of your transition to safer.

If you want to learn more about all of my personal favorites with Beautycounter and why I love this company so much, click here. If you’re interested in switching to safer, email me at [email protected] BEFORE you check out so I can help you curate your cart and get the best bank for your buck.