The Meaning Behind My Everyday Necklaces

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My taste in jewelry has changed SO MUCH over the years but I’ll say that after having kids I finally feel like I’ve got “my style” down pat. I don’t really wear earrings at all anymore because they bother my ear holes so much that they swell up and are very sensitive, it doesn’t matter what metal they are. I wear a few rings but to be honest, they scratch the kids a lot so I don’t really wear a lot of those either right now. The most worn jewelry I wear are these three necklaces on a necklet.

Necklet allows you to layer up to three necklaces at once with the ability to keep them from tangling when you’re wearing them as well as the ease of putting them on and taking them off all in one shot! I love the ease of the Necklet because I can easily take it on and off without having to do each one individually. Each of my necklaces mean something to me and I’m excited to share the stories behind each. I saw a code online for 15% off ( I DO NOT GET COMMISSIONS FOR THIS LINK) code: LAYER15

The shortest necklace I wear says “MAMA” and it’s the most meaningful necklace I own because I am SO THANKFUL and honored to be a MAMA! There is an incredibly talented jewelry maker in Myrtle Beach, SC called Ashley Hoffman and she creates this necklace custom with 14k gold. She can also custom make name plate necklaces if you’d rather have an actual name other than MAMA. I love this necklace and NEVER take it off.

The next necklace on my necklet is a herringbone chain and it’s really special because I remember my sisters wearing theirs when I was growing up and I thought they were so cool! I purchased this herringbone and the longest necklace I wear with the “D” on it for Derrek from Cara O Bello online. I LOVE my necklaces from Cara O Bello because of the high quality and affordability of their line. The “D” necklace that I have is very eye catching and it keeps a little piece of my husband with me throughout my day. I often rub the pendant and think about him and what we have built together. It’s a very special necklace to me, I actually accidentally broke one just like it before Christmas when it got hooked on something as I was leaning over to pick up a toy and when I stood up it broke in half. I immediately replaced it with the same one from Cara O Bello and haven’t taken it off since. You can use code: AMANDASCOTT15 at checkout for 15% off of your Cara O Bello order.

If you’re in the market for simple layering necklaces that you can wear every day, I highly suggest you check out the brands I’ve shared. The magnetite necklet is also a major perk for easily taking all of them on and off so if you don’t want to struggle with the chain every time, you can add one in.

If you end up purchasing any of the ones that I shared, give me a tag! I would love to see how you style your necklaces.


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