What Does a Nontoxic + High Performing Makeup Bag Look Like?

The fact that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 40 years ago it was 1 in 20 is hard to take in.

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and leukemia when I was younger and it has really made a long lasting impact on me. Not only do I want to make sure that I reduce my toxic load in all the ways I can, I strive to help others understand why it matters so much about the makeup products we use on our skin.

We are applying things to our body that absorb into our bloodstream through the surface of our skin. Makeup, skincare and body products are all things that I encourage you to look at their ingredients before personally using them.

Science is increasingly pointing to environmental links to diseases and disorders, I believe it is important to do what we can to prevent these diseases. I’m proud to represent Beautycounter and their mission to move the market and policy away from toxic chemical use and toward, cleaner, safer, greener chemicals. They created a list of 1,800 chemicals that will never be used in products because these chemicals are linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and other health issues. Better ingredient and more transparency in good for everyone. This list is the one that I reference for all of my ingredient questions when looking at my products.

It has taken me a few years but I really have found a great assortment of beauty products that work for me and most of them are Beautycounter. I house them in this cute little makeup organizer to keep them away from my little kids reach and all in one place. This organizer comes in several colors and patterns so you can pick which one you like best! I love all of the makeup products that are available by Beautycounter and I am so excited for all to come in 2021! I have not found more high performing and nontoxic makeup brand outside of Beautycounter, just a few awesome products here and there.

Two of those products being: the nontoxic mascara that I use from Thrive Causemetics and also a great brand of makeup brushes by BK Beauty. I only use Beautycounter products outside of those two things and I have for years!

Have you ever wanted to try Beautycounter? Here are a few of my most asked questions about the brand. If I didn’t answer your questions, please feel free to send me an email or comment on this post.

I want to clean out my beauty products and use only Beautycounter but it’s such an expensive move. What are your tips and how did you do this process?

Honestly, I don’t have the money to just ball out and buy every single Beautycounter product at once. I wish I did but I’m being real with you! What I suggest to everyone and what I did for myself is going to the Environment Working Group website and typing all of your products (one at a time) into the Skin Deep page. This will show you what ingredients are in your products, what they are linked too and how toxic they are rated on a scale of one to ten. Once I researched my products, I took the top five toxic ones and threw them in the trash. Yeap, throw those bad boys away! I know that sounds like a waste of money but once I found out the yucky stuff that I was using on my skin I no longer cared to harm my body. Then I replaced them with the corespondening Beautycounter products. The next month, I went down the line with the next products that ranked high for toxic chemicals and replaced them. Then the next month did the same thing. I did this until I had replaced everything with Beautycounter and didn’t go broke trying to do so!

I don’t have a lot of time to apply makeup. Can you give me a quick routine that will help me not look like a mombie?

yasssssss mama, I got you! I am in the same boat and I swear if it wasn’t for coffee and Beautycounter I could pass for a zombie from the Walking Dead. Beautycounter actually released a YouTube tutorial for a three minute beauty routine that you can view here. For my simple and beautiful every day look I use the Flawless in Five bundle. Mic drop, you’re done and gorg within minutes! Once you get into a routine it can be done in such a short amount of time, I normally do my makeup in the car while the kids are preoccupied.

How do you color match over the internet? I don’t want to order the wrong color foundation and concealer?

I want to address several things here….

Number one – Beautycounter has a 60 day money back guarantee so if you get something and don’t like it or it’s not your correct shade you can send it back for a refund. Easy-peasy.

Number two – its pretty easy to color match the foundation we have. I can 100% help you color match you and help you with your order.

Number three – when buying the concealer I like grab two: one for covering redness and zits and the other for brightening. I pick the same shade concealer for concealing and then the lighter concealer as a highlighter sunder my eyes, fore head, down my nose, etc. I have a great tutorial for my concealer over on my instagram.

Number four – shoot me a message if you ever get confused. I am great at color matching and I don’t mind helping you. I want you to be completely happy with your products so I won’t steer you in the wrong direction.

I have such bad acne and breakouts. What product do you suggest for that?

My number one question is what is your diet like? What you eat and drink has a HUGE effect on your skin so if you don’t have a good diet then no amount of acne products will ever help you. Junk food, sodas and even diary can make your skin break out.

Once we figure out what you’re eating then we can move forward.

I suggest the charcoal bar to every single one of my clients. It’s great for skin irritation. I wash my face with it once a day and it has made a huge difference of clearing up my skin! The ingredients in our charcoal bar that help clear skin are: charcoal powder (drawing and detoxifying), coconut oil (bacteria fighting), witch hazel (astringent and bacteria fighting) and green tea (bacteria fighting and energizing). The coconut oil and sunflower oil helps soothe your face and body during this process.

What is Band of Beauty?

This is the customer loyalty program for Beautycounter… and it is excellent! It’s $29 fee to join our Band of Beauty loyalty program and the perks definitely pay off right away. You get a free welcome gift with $50 purchase, free shipping for all orders of $100 or more and you get 10% of every product order in a credit to use with your next order. I would NOT miss out on this deal! It’s the best thing you can do discount wise other than being a consultant and getting 25% off your products.

What made you become a consultant?

Please listen here to my personal Beautycounter Story. I was lucky enough to participate in a Counter Conversation with Gina Murphy in November 2020! What an experience! You will hear my “why” for starting with Beautycounter and how it has truly changed my life ever since.

I would love to opportunity to help you make a switch to safer! Please message me with any questions you might have. If you are wanting to learn more about clean beauty in bite sized pieces and are not currently shopping with another consultant or are a consultant yourself, please add yourself to my clean beauty newsletter list.