Dew Skin v. Tint Skin

Happy Monday y’all! I am excited for a new week and a fresh start. I feel like we all have the chance to make every day great but there’s something about a MONDAY that really pushes me to make it fabulous.

Y’all are killing it with these questions during my Wednesday “let’s talk about it” series and one of the most asked questions I get asked is “what’s the difference in the Tint Skin Foundation and Dew Skin Moisturizer?” I use and love them both for very different reasons so keep reading to get the whole shaaabang.

When I first tried Beautycounter, I tried the Tint Skin Foundation. I was on the hunt for a non toxic foundation with ample coverage. I bought it and refused to add on the Retractable Brush because “I had plenty of makeup brushes already.” Let me tell ya, I almost sent it back. And that would have been that. I wouldn’t be almost at the top of this amazing company almost four years later! Y’all, I almost sent it back along the 60 day money back guarantee policy.

My friend begged me to buy the Retractable brush and just give it a try. I mean I could send it all back and just get a refund if I didn’t like it, right? I bought the brush and applied. WOW! It was magical! It gave me the perfect coverage without being to thick or to thin. You can watch how to apply it by clicking here. Cosmetic brushes are typically made from squirrel, mink, sable pony or camel hair. Beautycounter brushes are made only from animal-hair free taklon bristles. Taklon is a synthetic polyester derivative fiber that is a soft, smooth and void of any proteins or allergens. Taklon is widely used as the allergy-free, cruelty-free alternative to animal hair. Taklon bristles are easy to clean, do not shed, and work with both cream and powder makeup products. They are free of PVC and flame retardants.

I love the Tint Skin Foundation. It’s what I reach for when I apply my makeup 90% of the time. I also love the Dew Skin Moisturizer too! Y’all, this was a product I didn’t try for a whole year because I was convinced I didn’t need a moisturizer. I have always had oily skin so I figured I didn’t need the extra moisturize but honestly, I was missing the entire point. I didn’t understand how or why to use it and now I do! It has a true tinted moisturizer cover but I love it in the summer when my skin needs a little more hydration. I often wear it alone or mix it with my Tint Skin Foundation. It has SPF 20 in it so it’s perfect to keep in your beach bag!

Read more about both of these amazing products below:

-medium to full coverage (depending on application with brushes)
-stays in place all day
– for extra hydration apply over your daily moisturizer
-doesn’t make your skin flakey
-holds moisturize with sodium hyaluronate
-supplies skin with hyaluronic acid, which supports skin’s water retention and nutrient absorption, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Tint Skin leaves the skin naturally glowing, smooth and fresh.

-can be used as a primer
-lightweight foundation that helps even skin tone
-Promotes the appearance of firmer, smoother skin
-Works to mask imperfections
-a combination of emollients and esters creates a hydrating barrier for skin while allowing it to breathe
-black currant, peony flower root extract, and vitamin C reduce the appearance of age spots and enhance skins brightness
-hyaluronic acid creates a smooth skin canvas, preventing the foundation from settling into fine lines or enlarged pores
-has SPF 20 (leaves zero white residue)
-tinted moisturizer (think of it as skincare in a makeup product)