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When I transitioned to a non toxic lifestyle, finding a deodorant free of chemicals but controls BO has been challenging. After seven years, I can finally say that I found one that meets my standards. Stinkbug Naturals has been a lifesaver for my husband, Derrek, and myself.

I have always been a “stinky” girl, to the point that I had prescribed antiperspirant when I was in college. I’ve bounced around from brand to brand and found that the most toxic deodorant would cover my smell. Parabens, which are preservatives used in some deodorants and antiperspirants, have been shown to mimic the activity of estrogen in the body’s cells. Too much estrogen in the body can lead to breast cancer. After looking at the many different deodorants in my bathroom drawer, I tossed them all and decided to go without. Ummmmm, my husband kindly let me know that I just couldn’t go without a deodorant.

Most conventional deodorants contain a list of toxic ingredients, such as aluminum chlorohydrate (may cause skin irritation, including contact dermatitis,) parabens (view side effects here,) propylene glycol (has been found to cause seizures and severe neurological symptoms) and triclosan (linked to the weakening of the immune system and thyroid issues,) among other questionable ones. For these reasons, I have taken a step back from the name brands that stores carry and tried to find a safer alternative. I have spent YEARS searching for a non toxic deodorant that works and doesn’t leave burns under my arms. Generally, those that are created with baking soda have this effect on me.

This started the game of buying different non toxic brands and hoping that they worked. After seven years and countless wasted purchases, I finally found one that works. Stinkbug Naturals has been my deodorant of choice for the past two years.

Stinkbug Naturals was created and founded by the husband and wife team of Ben and Jade Bower and is located just outside Pittsburgh, PA. The creation of Stinkbug Naturals began when Jade became pregnant and set out on a mission to avoid man-made chemicals. So, she decided to design her own natural alternative to standard health care products. They take pride in offering a simply raw product made from organic, Non-GMO, Aluminum-Free ingredients.

Normally, I can use their regular formula but during my pregnancy and post partum, the influx of hormones has left me extra stinky. Stink Bug Naturals recently launched a new line of charcoal deodorants and after testing them, I have found they WORK! Thank goodness! It’s been hard having my deodorant not working during the summer. Ya’ll, I was taking 2-3 showers a day trying to beat the smell!

The Stink Bug Naturals charcoal deodorant are formulated without baking soda so that people with sensitive skin can use them. Their line is also aluminum free and gmo free so you can have no fear about what you are applying to your skin. I really like the Amber Sage scent but there is also Lavender and Vanilla Mint. These contain organic coconut oil which harbors moisturizing and odor-fighting properties, organic beeswax to help solidify the consistency, Non-GMO cornstarch which absorbs perspiration and odor causing bacteria, magnesium hydroxide which eliminates odors and activated charcoal which aids in detoxification.

I highly suggest trying the new charcoal line of deodorants by Stink Bug Naturals because they actually work! You can detox your pits and not have to worry about smelling stinky. Use code: SOUTHERNWIFE for 20% off of your purchase. Please let me know when you get your order and tell me how you like it!

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