Snack Life Thanks to G.H. Cretors Popcorn

This post is sponsored by G.H. Cretors. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.

One thing that I’ve come to learn about myself is that I love a good snack. Not only is that something that I’ve learned I can’t live without but my children are always asking for snacks as well. It’s become a rule that I never leave the house without something to munch on because myself or the kids will want something to eat at some point during the time we are out and about. Finding something that the entire family will enjoy has proven to be more difficult than I thought BUT, if nothing else, a bag of popcorn works every time!

I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart and I recently picked up a few bags of the G.H. Cretors popped corn to try. G.H. Cretors is a premium popped corn company specializes in popped corn mixes! The flavors I picked up are called “The Mix” and “Cheddar” but “The Mix” is definitely our favorite. It’s both caramel and cheddar popcorn and reminds me of the Christmas tubs of popcorn but only having the two flavors instead of three. Not only do I love this as a snack but so do the kids. I keep a little snack container in my car for me when I get the random urge to snack and if any of the kids are hungry (aka, anytime!) They also ask to get this in their lunch boxes for school and as a sweet treat at home.

Regardless of the occasion, a good bag of popcorn is a must in my snacks. The G.H. Cretors brand is now on a rotation in my household and will be a forever favorite. Head to your local Walmart to check out their brand and let me know if you like “The Mix” or “Cheddar” the best!