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I often get asked about breastfeeding and producing “enough” milk. I’ve shared a lot of tricks like drinking lots of water, taking fenugreek tablets and applying fennel to your breasts but y’all, eating Oat Mama bars is at the top of my milk producing list! I started eating these the same month that Scarlet Reese was born and I have had an abundance of milk since! I pump all the extra milk that she doesn’t drink and I actually donated most of it to a friend in need.

I am currently rebuilding my stash and I’d like to give a big thanks to Oat Mama for helping me do so! I normally grab a bar and eat it for breakfast and I have noticed a 1.5-2 ounce difference in my milk supply. I keep one or two in my diaper bag at all times so I can munch on a bar when I get hungry. My littles even love them and always ask for “a bite” when I pull one out.

They are all delicious and it’s hard to pick a favorite flavor… mine are a toss up between the Pumpkin Pecan (which is sadly sold out at the moment) and the Cranberry White Chocolate.

I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Read my disclaimer page for more information. This company was started by two mama’s who breastfeed and decided that there should be a delicious granola bar that helps boost milk production. Their granola bars are jam packed with superfoods that help you power up your energy, your mood, and your MILK!  You can read all about the different bars specific ingredients here. Head over to the Oat Mama website to check out all of their flavors and make your first purchase. Use code: WIFEMAMA for 15% off!

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