Lord Have Mercy!

Here we are, 11 months into Mercy’s life. Man, the time really does fly! She is growing by leaps and bounds every day. She has brought so much joy into our lives since she joined us Earth side. As I come to terms with the fact that I’ve got an almost toddler on my hands, I realize that it’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared our favorite products for baby.

The more kids I’ve added into the mix, the less “stuff” I add into the mix. Baby things pile up quickly and I’ve found out that a lot of it just takes up space and really isn’t necessary. Mercy is currently crawling like crazy, pulling up on everything, teething and well into her Baby led weaning journey with food. I’ve got our favorite products to share and I hope they help you get the goods without grabbing way to much!

  1. Diapers – I’ve gone through ALL the different non toxic brands and my favorites are Hello Bello, Seventh Generation and Parasol!
  2. Wipes – I am a total wipes snob! I don’t like when they are scratchy or have the little sticker top. That’s annoying to deal with, especially when you’re trying to clean a poop. I love the Seventh Generation ones for this reason.
  3. Pacis – we have tried them all and the only one that Mercy loves is from Bibs USA. They never gagged her and she is getting to the point where she will stick it in her mouth when she really wants it.
  4. Paci clips – these are mandatory since she has a Paci with her but it often falls out of her mouth. The clips I buy won’t break the bank, are super cute and can get to your house within two days! They also help you keep up with them and not lose them everyday.
  5. Bath products – I can say that I used to use “natural” and “organic” washes and lotions for my babies but since I’ve learned about the major greenwashing that happens with our personal care products, I only buy Beautycounter for them now. The baby line is SO amazing because it is safe and lasts forever. The wash normally lasts me 8 months and the other products from the line have lasted over a year. I also use the Baby Oil to take off my makeup, use on my legs for a moisturizer and mix with the Baby Balm to rub all over my growing pregnant belly for stretch marks!
  6. Teething necklace – This has been a MUST for each of my children. Teething is hard and I know that it can be frustrating for the parents and hard to handle for the babies. I love and trust the brand Baltic Mermaid. You can read more about them and my other teething essentials by clicking here.
  7. Playpen – since Mercy is on the move, sometimes she needs to be in an area that I can contain. We recently got her a playpen from Baby Delight and can sit her in there to play with her favorite toys while I move the laundry over to the dryer or do something with the other kids. It’s also awesome to use on the back porch or at the beach!
  8. Push walker – Our baby girl is pulling up and standing everywhere so we decided to go ahead and get her a walker to push around. We had the same one with Scarlet Reese and let me tell ya, home girl LOVES it. She pushes her walker around everywhere! And the older kids love it too, I constantly remind them that it’s a baby toy and not one of their toys, haha!
  9. Wooden baby toys – Ya’ll, these have been a lifesaver for us. I try to limit plastic as much as possible and having wooden toys around has helped them use more of their imagination and they keep so well that I can use them with different kids. Mercy is currently obsessed with these wooden egg shakers. They were Scarlet Reese’s and now they belong to sweet Mercy girl!

I hope this list helps you soon-to-be mamas and that it shows you less really is more when it comes to baby “stuff.” When baby number five joins our family, I will be revisiting this list and maybe making some changes.
I’d love to know if there is something you love that isn’t on this list that I should try!