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Shark Bait – Fin First Summer

Nolan’s shirt

Anyone else embracing summer with open arms? It might be 1,000 degrees out and I am super duper pregnant but we love this time of year! My family spends as much time outdoors as possible during the nice weather. This means daily trips to the pool and weekly trips to the beach to play in the sand. Nolan is into dressing himself these days and his favorite shirts to wear come from Fin First. We love this local brand not only because our super talented friends own and design each piece by hand but because each design was created with a story.

Their website says it best: “As parents, we pray our children will stay true to their roots, have a hunger for the outdoors, be curious, get lost, dream big, crave independence, get dirty, hit the ground running, chase the endless summer, do big things, wander, stir things up, make waves, never look back and have no regrets. We wanted to represent all of those things through our t-shirt artwork…. and so our brand was born, simply named FIN FIRST.”

Each member of our family sports their designs – even baby number three has her share of Fin First Duds (we are obsessed with the flamingo design) to wear when she arrives. The quality of the shirts is higher than just a regular etsy shop because they take pride in finding the best textiles to use that start off soft but stay soft after weekly washings. You can check out all of their designs here and even use code: sweetteajewels for 25% off of your Fin First order!