Girly Accents and A Must Have For Spring

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top | pants | shoes – sold out | lipstick – BRUNCH

Happy Monday ya’ll! I hope that you are having a wonderful day, it’s pretty rainy here so I am focused on making my own sunshine! ha! Sounds legit coming from a pregnant mama with a circus of kiddos at home with her. Regardless, I want to talk about a few things that I am especially mindful of during my pregnancies. This is focused on self care. There are three different areas that I focus on: physical, mental and emotional. Practicing self care is not something that I have always been mindful of but dealing with stress and anxiety has led me back to this over and over again.

Here are some of the ways that I focus on self care in a physical manner:
-go for a walk with the kids
-clean and reorganize a room
-take a hot bath
-go to an exercise class at a gym

Here are some of the ways that I focus on self care in a mental manner:
-read a book
-color with the kids
-turn off my phone and unplug from technology

Here are some of the ways that I focus on self care in an emotional manner:
-diffuse essential oils
-talk with a close friend
-go on a date with my husband
-write down a list of things I am thankful for

I try and practice at least one or two of these every day! Pregnant or not, practicing self care is SO important for your mind and body. I also want to share something that I am loving and that’s all the new additions to my Spring wardrobe. I’ll say it again (because, I know that I say it all the time) but being comfortable while you are pregnant is really important. I love the different transitions that my body goes through during pregnancy but if you are dressed in frumpy clothes, it doesn’t help with your body image. I love that our weather is finally warming up enough that I can wear spring pieces and especially a pair of white jeans. I never thought I could find them while I was pregnant but thanks to Isabella Oliver, I have! These pants are of such high quality, I don’t have to worry about wash wear (because I’ve legit, been wearing them multiple times a week) and I can style them endless ways throughout the Spring and Summer. If you could only get one piece from Isabella Oliver, I would suggest investing in these white jeans! Head over to their website to see all of their new Spring styles.