The Perfect Dress Right Now

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Feeling beautiful during pregnancy is the most empowering thing you could do for yourself… in my opinion. When you get down in the dumps about your body changes, it really can take a toll on your mental health. Every emotion you feel your unborn baby feels too so I try to keep a positive mental headspace. Lately, it has been a lot harder because of different things happening in my life but I’m trying! The loss of a parent, having THREE kids under 6 with me 24/7, working from home, the moving process and getting a tiny puppy that requires A LOT of attention has really got me on an emotional rollercoaster. Knowing that, I try and get a little me time in when I can and finding cute stylish pieces to wear during pregnancy has been something I really enjoy. Feeling large and frumpy isn’t something that I want added to my mental.

I shop from a lot of different places to find great pieces for a capsule wardrobe and I think that I’ve created a great selection so far. I tend to stick to neutral colors, although I know Spring is right around the corner and I’ll add pops of color here and there. For now, I am loving grey, blush, olive green, white, black and denim. I try and stick to those colors so I can mix and match as I please. Along with that, I look for siluettes that flatter my current body shape AND comfort is also equally important. There’s no point looking flawless but feeling like a stuffed sausage and if you make a wrong move the entire outfit is just going to rip apart! For this reason, dresses are my GO TO every time my bump gets larger. There’s nothing more freeing than a good dress while you’re pregnant. I love the ones that are body con but stretch and also ones like these that tie above your bump to create that beautiful siuluette I was talking about! I love that I can wear this now with leggings and booties then in warmer weather with sandals or open toed heels.

What are your favorite pieces to wear during pregnancy? I would love to hear! I am loving all the suggestions ya’ll have given me thus far and I am going to write a second trimester must haves blog next week so be on the look out as long as my computer or laptop will cooperate!