Baby Prep Is Underway

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happy Thursday ya’ll! I cannot believe that another week is flying by. I am 36 weeks pregnant and next Monday, I have an appointment with my OBGYN to be cleared for my home birth. I’ve gotten several questions about why I am having a home birth – especially because this is my first time but my fourth pregnancy. I just wanted to share a little about why I made my decision and give any incite for anyone who is wondering about having one.

With Nolan and Harper, I had hospital births. I’m not going to go into major detail here but the experiences were less than what I wanted. Walking into a hospital and sharing that you want a natural delivery doesn’t give you the support you’d think, you just get major eye rolls and whispers behind your back. I had to fight tooth and nail to experience a semi birth situation during both deliveries. With Scarlet Reese, we traveled to Charleston to the Charleston Birth Place and had an amazing experience. It was like being at a 5 star hotel. I wish I could have this little one at the CBP but because my labors are so quick and intense, there is no way I am chancing having a baby in the car.

Before I decided on delivering at the CBP when I was pregnant with Scarlet Reese, I wanted to have a home birth but the midwife I felt comfortable with wasn’t fully licensed yet. Thankfully, this go around she is and I LOVE HER. Her name is Vanessa and she is absolutely amazing. We vibe on the same page and she fully supports and gets what I want for this birth. I am excited but nervous that I am so close to the end. Yesterday, she was here for a home visit and brought the birthing tub and all the supplies needed for the delivery. It seems very surreal and I cannot believe in a few short weeks, we will have another Scott member that joins us Earth side.

When we had the ultrasound to determine if the baby is a boy or a girl, we were not given a definite answer. The baby was sitting in a cannon ball position so there’s a chance that it’s a boy… or a girl. Honestly, I think that it’s cool that we don’t know for sure. I have always known the gender of the baby so this makes it special. I have baby clothes for either and if I need anything specific, Derrek can make a trip to Target after the delivery or Amazon Prime will be here in two days. I am just trying to keep my house clean, meals prepped and have a game plan for my dogs and babies to be out of the house and taken care of. Other than that, I have no desire to fill the house to the brim with baby things.

I do have a very small amount of items that I must have. One being a really neutral and lightweight diaper bag. The amount of things you need when you’re out of the house with a newborn is comical. Extra clothes, diapers, wipes, swaddles, a baby wrap, pacifier, snacks, water bottle… lawdddd I can’t even begin the thought process of carrying all of that around again. Regardless, having a good one has proven very helpful. I am loving this grey bag from Lily Jade that I scooped up a while back. You can even transition it to a backpack! What are your favorite diaper bags?