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Mommy and Harper Time

dress | jean shirt | bangles | Harper’s doll

We’ve been living life more simply the past two weeks because a cold has knocked us down and out. We headed out this past weekend to get some fresh air and do some family activities, and our time together was much appreciated! Harper has been attached to me even more so since she’s been sick, and she has had to have her new dolly in tow whenever we are. I love being there for her and giving her extra loving, but having her dolly around helps as well. She snuggles her really tightly and loves on her when I’m not holding her.

This time is even more precious to me knowing that now that I’m 19 weeks pregnant, I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy! Where is the time going?!? I’m so grateful for the opportunity to spend more time with my two kiddos before baby number three gets here, and I really pay attention to all the little moments more. I guess this nasty cold has a plus side…it has helped me focus on my family more than ever and for that I am so appreciative. Just a reminder that the positives are there when we take the time to think about them!