Eyelet Mocha Maxi

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Earlier this week, I blogged about the most beautiful hippie maxi from Hazel and Mae Boutique. I am continuing showing my love for their styles by sharing another favorite that I picked up from their website. This mocha eyelet trimmed maxi is SO beautiful and even more so in person! I am on the lookout for outfits that I can wear during and after my pregnancy since the end is so close and this one is just perfect. Not only can I wear it afterwards but it’s going to be really easy to nurse in – a requirement for anything I own post partum. I love the slits in the front because not only do they offer a look at your beautiful legs but provide extra air conditioning during the hot summer, haha. Seriously, it’s so hard not to melt into a puddle in South Carolina at this point but I’d take this heat over snow and freezing rain any day!

My signature style at this point is a great maxi (like this one) and a braid in my hair. Everyone always asks me so many questions about how I braid my hair, if I get someone to do it for me and how they never have success doing so on themselves. I will give ya’ll some advice, head over to YouTube and start watching braid tutorials. Practice on yourself, your friends or kids when you aren’t busy and don’t try to learn a new braid an hour before you’re supposed to walk out the door. I’m still trying to figure out a few new styles and I made the mistake of trying before we left for a wedding one day… I spent almost two hours redoing my hair and was so irritated I felt like putting my pjs back on and skipping the event all together. All of the braids that I do are actually really simple and take less than ten minutes. I don’t have the patience for anything longer than that and my kids can destroy my entire house in any time longer than that.

The last time I posted a dress on my blog from Hazel and Mae, ya’ll made it sell out within hours so don’t waste another minute over here! Head over to their website and grab one of these beauties for yourself before they are gone! Use my discount code: LSW20 for 20% off of your purchase. This code expires 6/16 so don’t miss out on savings!