Sweet Little Ladies

Happy Friday ya’ll I can’t believe that we are through the week! I know if you’re anything like me the weeks are flying by at an astonishing rate and I am begging for time to slow down. I see this passing of time in my children’s faces and it makes me so upset about how quickly time actually does goodbye.

As I sit and look at trends in the things that I have bought for my children throughout the years, I can say that Freshly Picked shoes aren’t just a trend, but a necessity. Before I had any shoes from Freshly Picked, I balked at the price because let’s be honest, $60 for a pair shoes seems pricey. What I have found after buying cheap moccasins is that they don’t hold up very well and within a month or two, they are worn out to the point that I end up having to replace them. Back to when Nolan was a baby and he got his first pair of moccasins, I’ll never forget that someone gifted them to us for Christmas (I couldn’t justify spending the money at the time) and ever since then, all of the children have worn them.

Every season I head to the Freshly Picked website and grab a pair or two for each of the kids. Even though they last long enough to be passed down, I love getting new colors. Of course I love the moccasins especially for Mercy and Scarlet Reese, but now that Harper and Nolan are older I had to switch to a new style of shoe because the Freshly Picked moccasins only go up to a size 12. The kids wear these pretty much every day because they are the only shoes that I’ve been able to keep on their feet when they are a little (other shoe brands would just fall off). They are also the only shoes that my children can actually put on themselves which in my book is #winning. I was so excited to see that Freshly Picked launched new shoe styles a few years ago because as they got older, I had to find a new go-to. I am obsessing over these high top sneakers for Harper – they are so cozy and comfortable to walk around in.

Because I have purchased these for so long, and purchase a couple pairs at a time, I was happy to hear about their Fringe account. If you are interested in buying some Freshly Picked moccasins (or the awesome high top sneakers) I suggest you get a Fringe account too! Here’s a break down of why you want a Fringe account:

  • $10 Monthly Store Credit
  • 20% Off Everything
  • Free Shipping Always
  • VIP Early Access Shopping

Also, in case you needed more reasons to get a Fringe account, the Fringe members will get to STACK their 20% off on top of the discounted price on their site. Making some items 50% off! 
**Use code HELLOFRINGE at checkout for a FREE MONTH of Fringe!**

Do you love the look of babies in moccasins too? Let me know if you get a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins, I’d love to see them on your sweet babies!