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7 Tips to Healthier Eating After the Holidays

After the holidays, lots of people start a detox or a cleanse but I’ve got a secret for you…

Changing the way you approach the food and drink you put into your body can do way more than a quick fix.

Did you know that our bodies naturally detox every 24 hours? So what you do now will naturally detox you instead of a gimmicky week long diet.
Healthy food habits turn into a sustainable way for you to live healthier and are easier to maintain without “falling off the wagon.” Does this mean that my family and myself are on a raw diet? Not at all! Although I do love the health benefits of raw food. It means that we take the time to meal plan and make sure most of what we eat isn’t processed but REAL foods like fruits, vegetables, grass fed beef and antibiotic free chicken. It means having a plan for when we eat take out and making it healthy – like the above family meal of organic chicken tenders and Mac and cheese made with REAL cheese and not the fake stuff from SC Real Foods. 

I know how difficult it can be to plan all the things, especially meals. Add in the fact that you want to provide healthy and nutritious foods for your family and bam, it could cause instant anxiety. Food is so important in the equation of our health but often times is placed last because the thought of something new just completely overwhelms us. I’ve been there and if I’m honest, I’ve been there recently. That’s why I am thankful for meal planning and the opportunity to learn from others. 

Here are a few tips I have for you if you’re interested in post holiday food navigation:

  • Focus on fruits, veggies and fiber
  • Have protein with every meal.
  • Stay hydrated (a lot of our hunger pains are actually thirst pains).
  • Eat until you’re 80% full.
  • Meal plan your meals.
  • Outsource what you’re not going to cook with healthy options.
  • Prepare for the snacking urge with healthy options (don’t even buy the ones that you know aren’t good).

Providing food that is nutrient dense is one of the best things you can do for the human body, even more so than exercising. I strongly encourage you to invest in your health via your foods and see how you can feel the difference even in just a few days. 

Fortunately, I’ve taken the last ten years to really work on healthy food options the entire family will love. Throughout my blog you’ll find our favorite recipes that often have hidden gems of nutrients to benefit everyone. The picture quality might not be amazing but the meals are delicious! I look forward to adding more of our family’s favorite meals very soon but for now, check out these amazing meals that you can add into your food routine to switch things up and gain some ease in your meal prep and planning.

Please share any questions you have about healthy eating below and check out my blog search bar to look around at all recipes I’ve shared and my healthy eating food tips.

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