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A Day In My Life – How I Work My Beautycounter Business
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A Day In My Life – How I Work My Beautycounter Business

Hey ya’ll! I am currently sitting down for some time to work and figured I’d share more about how I work from home. For those of you that do not know, I am a stay at home working mom and I have four children, ages: 6, 5, 2, and 9 months. I started working for a company called Beautycounter four years ago and my business has evolved continuously since the moment I joined. Beautycounter creates safer and effective skin care and cosmetics for women and families while offering a way to make an impact on the world and money if you decide to work the business. Beautycounter is one of the few companies in the world to actually test their products for safety before they go on the market and we are also the top trending beauty brand of 2018. Not only that, we go to Washington, DC and actively lobby for our beauty laws to be updated so that the beauty industry has more regulation.

I decided to work for Beautycounter for the many reasons above but I want to be fully transparent and share that I REALLY joined for the 25% consultant discount on products. Since joining, I have grown a thriving business and have 345 amazing women on my team doing the same thing! It is such an inspiring thing to see movement happening all around me with women working this business in different ways. Some of us are stay at home moms, some of us work full time 9-5 jobs, some of us are nurses, some of us are lawyers but we all find the time to make it work and I can’t wait to give you the inside scoop on how.

Because I have such a large team, the majority of my business is focused on mentoring them and helping them grow. This can’t be done with all day in person meetings or through hour long phone calls – none of us have time for any of that! We chat on a really cool *free* app called Voxer. It’s basically a walkie talkie that you can listen to at any time, re-listen to messages if needed, or speed up if you don’t have a lot of time. Let’s say someone on my team in California sends me a Voxer while I am asleep, I just check it when I wake up and send a Voxer back. This app is crucial for us as Consultants and how I communicate with every single lady on my team. My life is too chaotic and so is everyone else’s to get stuck on the phone or trying to type out messages. Voxer is a game changer and can be done anywhere.

When I get up in the mornings, I go into my bathroom to wash my face and get dressed to take the kids to school. I check a few Voxers during that process and then head to the car to school drop offs. While I am in the car, I am on Voxer communicating with my team. Being able to Voxer in those random pockets of time are HUGE and really helps me help my team. Anytime I have to drive somewhere, this is the time I am Voxering and getting a lot of mentoring done with my team.

When the three older kids are at school, it’s me and Mercy baby. Unless, I am lucky enough to have Mrs. Winnie, our nanny, here with us. She is an amazing woman who reminds me of a spiritual Mary Poppins. I thank God every single day for bringing her into our lives. She has helped us with the kids since Scarlet Reese was 6 months old and we really do love her like family. She comes and spends a few days with us at a time and it really does help me focus more during those days. She takes Mercy into her room and they hang out while I work and when Mercy needs me, she brings her to me. Without Mrs. Winnie, I really wouldn’t accomplish the many hours of work that I need to do as a Managing Director with Beautycounter and for my blog.

On days without Miss Winnie, during the three hours that Scarlet Reese is at preschool is when I schedule the bulk of my mentor training calls. I try to have 2-4 a day and it just depends on who needs that specific time with me from my team. These are coaching calls to help them with certain aspects of their businesses and have been a great addition into our businesses. People thrive off of one on one coaching and I like to make sure I also schedule coaching calls with my upline or my regional director to continue to learn new ways to better my business.

Outside of coaching calls, I really do a lot of “grunt” work during my time alone. I package samples, small gifts for ladies on my team and customer appreciation products for my clients and customers. Some days I have to go to the post office and mail off packages and other days I focus on scheduling drop off bags of products for people to try! I do this as much as possible in my town and it’s something that people really do enjoy. I love making drop off bags of products because it’s so much easier to share how amazing Beautycounter is when people can put their hands on the products before buying.

My other blocks of time are focused on building my client and member base by checking in on them and making sure that they are happy with everything. I am also scheduling one on one meetings with people to chat about joining my team and scheduling socials for my weeknights and weekends. I would say that I aim to schedule four socials a month but sometimes it’s more (especially when I help launch a new consultant) and sometimes it’s less. It really just depends on the month.

After this, I head to the kids school for pick up and spend the afternoons with them. It’s really important to me to be there for them and to focus on them. I love asking about their day and playing with them as much as possible before our night time routine. Sometimes they go to the gym with me and sometimes they skip and stay home with my husband. Derrek and I trade nights on who cooks dinner and for the most part I put every one to bed. The only other work that I do at night is a Monday night weekly training call on Zoom with my team. My schedule is pretty simple and I change it based on the kids or Derrek. Some days I don’t work as hard as others but I try to time block to get the work I need to do accomplished. I love that I can work my Beautycounter business anywhere and that it doesn’t have to be a strict 9-5 work hour day.

Ya’ll have asked me several questions about how I work and I figured this would be an excellent time to answer them!

Q: Do you have any help like a Mother’s Day out/babysitters/nanny?
A: Yes! Mrs Winnie comes to our house for a few days during the week and helps with Mercy and the kids. She mostly keeps Mercy but it’s nice to have her here if Derrek and I want to go out on a date or go to the gym at the same time. Other than that we don’t have any other babysitters. I also have Scarlet Reese in preschool which is a blessing.

Q: How do you meal prep to feed your family cooked dinners every night?
A: I actually don’t meal prep during the week I just cook simple meals either on stove or in the instant pot. I share a lot of these recipes in my newsletter each week. I recently taught Derrek how to use the instant pot and he loves it! I send him the recipe and he goes to town. We alternate cooking dinner.

Q: What time of day do you work on your business? Do you wake up super early or stay up late?
A: I don’t do either. I am NOT a morning person and at night is time the I am intentional about spending with Derrek. I put my phone on the charger and just hang out with him. I work while the kids are at school and then if I need to make or call or something I wait to schedule that when Derrek is home during the afternoon.

Q: Do you set aside working hours, or just randomly fit it in throughout the day?
A: I try to set aside three focused hours ALONE every day. These hours sometimes change but for the most part they are the same. If you’re on my team you know when those hours are. On the weekends I work for an hour or two and then focus on Voxers from my team as they come.

Q: How do you deal with mom guilt? Working instead of playing?
A: The only time I have mom guilt is when I try to focus on work too much. I think we can all fall into that trap of wanting to take our business to the next level and not focusing on one day at a time. When this happens I just have to be real with myself and take a step back and do better the next day. No one is perfect and we can do it all, just not in the same day. I try really hard to focus on the kids when they are around.

Q: How do you do it?
A: I ask myself this everyday. hahaha but what really woks for me right now is time blocking my work day and having people I trust to help (My husband and Mrs. Winnie)

Q: How do you stay focused and not waste time online?
A: I put my phone away. I also set timers on my phone to complete certain tasks I need to accomplish. I write down my to-do list and don’t write down 100 things to do in one day – I write down about 4 things every day that are income producing activities and help me stay focused.

Q: How do you stay organized juggling home and business?
A: This is something I work on a lot. I think that having a schedule and routine helps. Doing laundry every day helps – I try to do at least one load from start to finish every day. We also have a big family and everyone knows they have to do their part. I will not run myself ragged trying to clean up everyones messes when they are perfectly capable of helping out with the chore load.

Q: Do you work solely on your phone?
A: No ma’am. A lot of my mentoring is done on the phone but I do schedule plenty of product drop offs, one-on-ones and socials.

Q: How do you meet people in person? Does your husband watch the kids?
A: Sometimes the kids are with me and we meet at the park or the beach or the pool. And sometimes I schedule these meetings when the kids are all at school. If I need someone to keep Mercy I ask Mrs. Winnie or Derrek.

I hope this peek into my work day and typical tasks helps answer some questions, or even encourages you to think about joining me! If you have any other questions, email me and I would love to answer them for you.

Also keep an eye out for a new series coming up in which I introduce you to different women on my team who are all at various levels of the company and talk about how they work their business in their days!