It’s Wine-o-Clock Somewhere

This post is in partner with Sokol. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.

Ya’ll! I feel like THIS WEEK of the holiday season is the craziest, most hectic and stressful time! I have so much jam packed into this week that my calendar looks just as crazy as it sounds. To say that I am happy that New Year’s is right around the corner is an understatement. With so much going on, I have resorted to retreating to the back porch with a bottle of wine while Derrek is with the kids after school.

This is not my usual after school activity but this mama needed a little time to herself. I am not a big drinker but when I do have a glass or two of an adult beverage, I love wine! It’s something that I grew to like after college and when a good wine is around, I love having a glass. This week calls for a little vino on the back porch in my oasis with a snuggly blanket.

I never knew about the importance of drinking organic wines until I started researching exactly what goes into wines. I would always grab a cheap wine and now that I know what I know, I would never do that again. Winemakers are not required by the FDA to disclose exactly what is in each bottle and because of this, they often include additives in their wines that are linked to health issues. I honestly thought wine would be wine and all wines are good for you but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

So, what kind of wines should you get if you’re going to drink them? My personal favorite organic wine is by Sokol Blosser Winery. They are also a BCorp which means they put people and planet before their profits. I am huge supporter of all BCorps so this only pushed me to love this company more! Even before being a BCorp was popular, Sokol did everything possible to give back to the land. To this day, they do everything possible to continue the “good to earth” policy through certified-organic farming, sustainable business practices and low impact packaging.

Please consider when shopping for wines, what you want to support and what you want going into your body. I know that once I started looking around at what Sokol had to offer a few of their wines have been on rotation when I want to drink a glass. I personally prefer their Reisling and Rosé wines but I love a sweeter wine. I would love to hear about your favorites! Head to their website to check out all of their options and treat yourself.