Happy Mother’s Day from L’ANGE

This post is in partner with L’ange Hair. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.

Can y’all believe that Mother’s Day is right around the corner? I know that I surely cannot. This year is flying and that leaves me soaking in all the little moments. One thing that I don’t like to spend a lot of time on is my hair and L’ange has come in clutch to help with that situation. Since I’ve started using L’ange styling products, I’ve noticed that I don’t have to fix my hair as often. #winning! I wish that I had the ability to head to the salon for a blowout everyday but let’s face the facts, that is just not an option. Thanks to L’ange I can have my own salon blow out at home.

I wash my hair twice a week. On the days that I wash it, I let it air dry about 70% dry before blow dry it and this helps cut back on the amount of heat on my hair and keeps my hair feeling really healthy. I learned this trick a few years ago and since implementing, it really has helped my hair not get so straw like. My hair is also very thick so this helps my sanity as well. When it’s time to blow dry, I pull out the L’ange Hair Dryer and let it do the work. I love this hair dryer because it’s super light and helps cut your drying time in half while keeping your hair smooth and soft. I also love that the powerful air-flow helps lock in shine and moisture to give you great style while limiting the amount of heat damage to your hair.

The hair dryer’s body allows for maximum efficiency. It’s negative-ion generator reduces frizz, static, and split ends during your styling. Extra features include a cool shot button, adjustable speed, detachable nozzle and temperature control settings to make blow drying your hair a breeze. When I am blow drying my hair, I use their Sienna Paddle Brush and then at the very end I use the 53mm Thermal Brush to get extra volume. It takes me less than 6 minutes to completely blow out my hair and get it prepped for the next step – styling.

To be honest, I rarely use a straightener these days, when I blow out my hair it always looks straight and it doesn’t fluff out so I don’t find it a must to actually flat iron it. I do however, love using my curling wand! Everyone always asks about my hair and how I do it. Ya’ll it’s not a magic trick, it’s really so easy that anyone can do it! My secret is a high quality curling wand. I scooped up the 32 mm curling wand from L’ange and I love how beautiful the curls are. If I do it right, it doesn’t leave any heat damage on my ends AND the curls last me 2-4 days (sleeping on a silk pillow case helps prolong this process.) My tips for curling your hair with a wand are as follows:
1. use the glove until you get used to using the curling wand. There’s nothing more painful than getting burned.
2. take the top section of your hair (right above your ears) and pin it up. Curl the bottom of your hair first and then un pin the top and curl that section.
3. When curling, get a one inch section and wrap the wand horizontally around the hair and curl away from your face, hold each piece for 10 seconds before releasing.
4. don’t brush or touch your curls until they cool. For best results flip your head over after your hair is cooled and run fingers through your hair.

Right now is the perfect time to order because of the huge Mother’s Day sale going on on the L’ange website. I don’t know about you, but for Mother’s Day I like to give my hubby a little help in the right direction of what I’ve been eyeing. This year, I made sure he knew that L’ange was on my mind and he took the bait! Shopping the sale gives you 70% off of your purchase and it’s the best way to get your significant other on board to get you the items you want! Head to their website to shop and stack their savings! Let me know what items you pick up and how you like them.