Dansko Helen Sneakers

This blog has been compensated by Dansko and I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Read my disclaimer page for more information. Ever since I made a commitment to myself and my family to do everything I can to live as healthy as possible, I’ve actually developed a love of staying active. Ensuring that I have some physical activity as often as possible has become super important to me. Of course, after having a baby, I had to take a break to allow my body to heal. However, now that some time has passed, I have started easing back into a workout routine. So far, my “routine” consists of walking the track at the playground where the kids like to go play. I just started this, and I plan to amp it up as more time passes.

Since I’m planning to continue with my walking, I was on the search for a great pair of walking shoes, and the Helen sneakers by Dansko at Dillard’s caught my eye. I have worn Danskos in the past, and I have always really loved how comfortable they are. This style is perfect for exercising because it has a memory foam sole and arch support. When you are active, wearing the wrong shoe can harm your body and cause you to have long-term health issues. Not only does this style by Dansko have great support, it has shock absorption and flexibility. I chose to go with the black on black color in this style so I could wear them with anything. The Helen sneakers by Dansko  are a great pair of on-the-go sneakers to invest in, and if you get a pair, your feet will thank you later. Dillard’s always has the best shoe selection and I am thankful that I found the Helen Dansko sneakers when I did!

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  • Gaurav Bhatia

    thank you for posting this informative review of dansko running sneakers. It is true that wrong sneakers can greatly affect our feet. So it is important that we buy the perfect pair of sneakers for running. I will keep this model in mind the next time I’ll be buying running sneakers.