The Skincare Line I Can’t Live Without

Y’all… the amount of research that can go into finding a good skincare regime makes my eyes cross. For years, I have struggled with finding what works best for me…. almost two decades if I sit back and think about it. I personally have tried dozens and dozens of skincare products until I found my dream team. The journey to get to this point wasn’t pretty and makes me cringe when I think about all the toxic crap I put all over my face and body. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do to go back in time and correct that so I can only focus on choosing better options now that I know better. Over my blogging career, I’ve tried even more non toxic regimes and haven’t found any of them performing to the level I wanted. Until, I met the Balancing Collection and charcoal bar by Beautycounter.

I started using this line when I was pregnant with Scarlet Reese. The charcoal bar was actually the first thing I tried and I found that it really helped clear up my skin. As I have mentioned, I have acne/oily skin and this charcoal cleansing bar works to clarify and detoxify your skin without dehydrating it. Soaps are often made with surfactants, which are ingredients that help lather, foam, or cleanse; and some of them are harsh, overly drying, and can disrupt the pH balance of your skin. Many conventional brands use harmful ingredients like parabens and fragrances that can act as hormone disruptors. The Beautycounter charcoal bar is made with a special type of activated charcoal powder called Binchotan that comes from Japanese Ubame oak. Created through a rapid heating and cooling process, it has increased adhesion properties and thoroughly cleanses by acting like a magnet to draw out impurities. Although charcoal and witch hazel help absorb excess oil, our formula helps maintain moisture thanks to hydrating organic coconut and sunflower seed oils. Antioxidant-rich green tea extract and witch hazel work to refine pores and balance skin, so it’s perfect for those with combination skin. These ingredients help give you a clearer, healthier-looking complexion, and who doesn’t want that?

In addition to the amazing charcoal bar, I have also incorporated the Balancing Collection into my skincare routine. The No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask is nutrient-rich mask has activated charcoal to help purify and balance, while salicylic acid stimulates exfoliation. For centuries, kaolin clay has been trusted in beauty rituals around the world to help brighten, tighten, and absorb oils before they sit on the skin or clog pores. It can be used 2 to 3 times a week as a mask and also as a spot treatment for flare-ups. The No. 3 Balancing Facial Mist is active-infused and alcohol-free, this multi-tasking mist instantly preps skin, sets makeup, and provides refreshing hydration during the day and before bed. Charcoal powder, kaolin clay, and wild rose extract help purify and reduce redness. The last part of the Beautycounter + Balancing collection that has been a lifesaver for my skin is the No. 3 Balancing Facial Oil. A facial Oil might sound like the last thing you would want on oily skin, because oil means breakouts, right? Actually it’s quite the opposite. People often use harsh products to combat congested skin, but the problem with these is that they strip away ALL the oils. In response, the skin overcompensates by producing even more oil, which can cause more breakouts and congestion. The solution? Pure plant oils can actually have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties without the grease. Balancing Oil has a unique blend of seven oils that is lightweight, silky, and easily absorbed to restore balance and soothe skin. Together, ylang ylang and wild chamomile create a delicate herbal-floral scent, while balancing and calming skin. At night layer 2 to 6 drops of oil (depending on how oily your skin is) as part of the ”Protect” step of your regimen.

I was told when I was pregnant that I shouldn’t use the acne regime that I was using because I wasn’t safe for my unborn children. So this upped my level of curiosity and concern of the ingredients in our personal care products. My ultimate decision to switch to safer came from these products being formulated without artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, silicones or sulfates. If you are to look up the ingredients in your current regime, would you be happy with what you find?

In addition to these being AHMAZING for your skin, they last for FOREVER! My bar lasts 6 months, face oil a year, mist and mask 6 months! Ya’ll… you can’t beat high performing ingredients! You can buy the Balancing Collection in full size or smaller (spa) sized for a discount. This does not include the charcoal bar BUT I have a whole lot of amazingness to drop on you! You should take advantage of joining Band Of Beauty and get the mask for free!

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  • Sara

    Girl when we finally meet, I’m gonna buy you a coffee and literally kiss your sweet lil face bc your passion for Beauty Counter convinced me to try it, and this charcoal bar has changed EVERYTHING. Ev-er-y-THAAAANG. I too have tried endless holistic skin care regimens, and had become quite the skeptic. Something would work for a couple of weeks and then stop, or never work at all. And I felt like I was pouring money into all of these different, low-performing product lines. This simple charcoal bar has absolutely revolutionized my skin. I want so badly to try the mask now! I have yet to be disappointed with any of my BC purchases and am so happy to be a Band of Beauty member! Xoxo