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The Modern Mom’s Diaper Bag

Happy TGIT everybody! Not only is it an amazing day for my favorite tv shows but it’s Derrek’s last work day of the week. Hellllooooo parental relief. Seriously y’all, I jump for joy every Thursday and you can’t wipe the smile off of my life. My life is hectic and it’s such breath of fresh air on Thursdays. Not only are all those things that I listed great but it is absolutely gorgeous out so we are going to be hitting up the park, for sure! I’ve been making sure to work out every morning and I replaced my breakfasts with smoothies for a little bit so I can cut some jiggle and gain some muscle. This summer is gonna be a good one for this mom of three. We will be around some form of water daily so I’m making sure to get my summer bod right!

So, I wanted to share this amazing #momfind with y’all. I am so anti diaper bag. That mess gets so heavy to carry and stuff always coming flying out at the worst moments so I personally love backpack diaper bags. This one from Vauva Pack has become my go-to and I can zip everything up tightly when I’m out and about. It also has an insulated cup holder for bottles or your drink, whatevs you need! You can get 25% off of your bag with code: SOUTHERN at checkout. I received this backpack in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.