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All the Fall Feels with Colored Organics

Nolan’s Hoodie | Pants | Shoes | Harper’s Dress | Leggings | Moccs | Bow

One of the reasons why I love social media is finding amazing companies like Colored Organics. Colored Organics is a 100% sweatshop-free, organic cotton clothing company that makes the best basic clothing for yourself, little boys and girls! This company was also founded by a MOM (you know this excites me!) that was horrified that the children working in sweatshops that produce mainstream clothing are not much older than her own. She started her company, and it now makes clothing with naturally hypoallergenic fabrics that create non-toxic pieces that are colorful, great quality and simplistic. I really enjoy finding SOFT as butter AND simple clothing. I am a no-frills type mom, and my kids wear what I think they wouldn’t be embarrassed about to look back at in photos.

Colored Organics recently released their fall collection and the pieces fit perfectly into our style. Nolan and Harper wore their navy proudly and stayed nice and cozy while we were outside. The cold front that we’ve had in the Carolinas has been welcomed by my family because now we can hang outside without sweating to death and being eaten alive by the mosquitos. Add pockets to the equation and my kids are over the moon with happiness. Another perk is being able to break out the fall clothes, including these pieces by Colored Organics. Head over to their website and checkout everything that’s new! Use code: LSW25 at checkout for 25% off!

in collaboration with Colored Organics