Rosie Pope Heaven

Dress | Bangles

Rosie Pope has become one of my favorite maternity lines! They sent me several of their pieces and each one was SO easy to style and wear, it was impossible for me to dislike anything! This grey dress is perfect for dressy occasions and really makes me feel beautiful. Finding flattering outfits during pregnancy can be difficult but thankfully Rosie Pope took that frustration and kicked it to the curb! I am in love with everything on their website!

This grey dress is one that I wear to church, formal outings with my hubby and work events for Sweet Tea Jewels. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it because it’s so flattering! I hate feeling like a beached whale, especially during the third trimester so finding quality pieces for my wardrobe is really important to me. Being happy with the skin that I’m in at all phases of my life is really important mentally. If you don’t find yourself beautiful, it’s hard for others to your beauty as well. Head over to Rosie Pope and see what pieces speak to you!