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Indigo Babies

Harper’s dress | shoes | Nolan’s shirt | shorts | shoes

Raising indigo babies in a modern world can take a lot of work. Our society wants us to conform to what it considers normal, and I say to heck with that! I want my kids to keep their free-spirited souls just like they are and not try and fit them into a mold. Indigo children are born feeling and KNOWING that they are special; they know that they should be as they are and expect everyone else to realize it. In this sense, they are more confident and often defy authority unless they feel like they have a say in what’s going on as well. Instead of fighting this with my kids and trying to scare them into what the world thinks they should be, I just let them be. This doesn’t mean my kids run all over me, but I have changed the way that I talk and act around them. Instead of being frustrated at how they react to situations I try and calmly understand why they are doing what they are doing and how to make the situation better and teach them the same. I work from home, so finding a good balance can be really hard some days, but for the most part, we work better when we take the time to understand the kids.

We have become obsessed with this small clothing company we came across called Indigo Wonder Boutique. They make creative indigo textiles for your littles. I came across their page on Instagram and felt like every single piece belonged in our life! I’m a huge tie-dye fan, so finding these hand-dyed indigo pieces has been a real treat for me. Nolan loves his tshirt from their boutique and pulls it from his drawer every single day to wear, haha. He has become so independent when it comes to dressing himself, but something about the blue tie-dye draws him in every time! With Harper, I’m always on the lookout for simple dresses, and I couldn’t resist adding this one from Indigo Wonder Boutique to her wardrobe! It’s so soft and colorful! It really goes with everything, and she loves wearing it. Of course, I had to find something for the baby, and I went with a onesie for her to wear during the hot months in the South. Onesies during the first year of my kids’ lives are staples because of the ease of changing them and you know they are comfortable. Head over to Indigo Wonder Boutique and see which styles you can’t live without!