Plants 911 – How Do You Fix It?

There’s no bigger kick in the pants as a avid plant lover then to have one die on you! 

If you’re just dipping your toes in the water and have it happen, it can give you cold feet from ever buying another one. 

Don’t give yourself to hard of a time, it’s ok! You can often revive your plants and/or use what you did as an example to do it differently with your next.

It’s important to check and make sure that your plant is in fact, actually dead before you throw it away. Here is how you can tell what’s going on: 

-check the plants roots and steams for signs that it’s still alive. The roots should be pliable and firm. The steams should be somewhat green on the inside.

-the plant is dead if the steams and roots are mushy and brittle. This is also your sign to mourn and move on.

If your plant is still alive, it’s VERY important to trim back the dead parts so the plant can spend its energy NOT trying to revive them and work on growing back the parts that still have life. Trim all the way back to where it’s green and start resuscitating there!

When you’re looking at your plant, are the steams completely dead? If the plant roots are still live, don’t completely cut down the stems to the root, leave about 2 inches of the stem intact above the soil. As the plant revitalizes, the new growth will sprout from these stems. 

Now let’s figure out what the problem is for your plant! There is a reason why your plant isn’t thriving. Let’s talk about the things that it could be… 

When is the last time that you watered your plant? A few very clear signs that your plant needs water are having dry edges on leaves and leaves that are curled up and turning brown. You can also touch the soil and see if it’s dry. This is an easy fix with a good watering and a little TLC.

If you have a super dry plant, giving it a little bit more than water is very helpful in recovery. Move your plant to a very humid location not directly in sunshine in your home OR place next to a humidifier for a little misting.

Don’t use regular tap water on your plants if you can help it. There are chemicals that make up tap water and some of those cause common sensitivity issues with plants. Use a water filter on your sink and/shower if you give your plant a good shower when watering. Take it to the next level by adding in a rain tank to your back yard for easy watering.

Did you happen to over water your plant? This would make the plant look wilted and/or have yellow leaves while the soil is really moist. 

Is your plant in a sunny location? Location is VERY IMPORTANT for plants, some thrive in darker areas and some want the sun shining rays blasting them. You can tell that your plant isn’t receiving enough light be looking at the leaves for paleness and if the steams are weak. Move your plant in-front of a well lit window and watch it thrive.

Have these ideas for what could be going on with your plant helped you? It can be overwhelming trying to save your little plant babe but having the right tools can change the entire prognosis on your plant! 

Share what tool has helped you with a plant of your own ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️