Here are my thoughts on working in direct sales…

It’s been six years since my decision to join Beautycounter as a consultant. To be honest, I only joined *at the time* for the discount on the products I was already using and purchasing at full price. My views on social selling changed quickly after I became a consultant with Beautycounter and took a deeper look at what the company stands for and has to offer.

Beautycounter as a company strives to curate “clean beauty” high performing makeup and skincare while also educating consumers on why they should want safer in the beauty industry and empowering them to lead with an informed mind.

I was first introduced to Beautycounter when I was a first time mom trying to navigate my way using safer beauty products for myself and my new baby. I wasted a lot of money on products that didn’t perform at the level I wanted and also learned how companies say that they are clean but still use not so safe ingredients in them… it’s a term called “greenwashing.”

So, what is Beautycounter?

Beautycounter’s products are always free of 1,800+ questionable ingredients that are very commonly used in billion dollar beauty industry. They are also leading change in the entire beauty industry through advocacy work, sourcing choices, and packaging sustainability.

Beautycounter is also a Certified B Corporation, an exclusive group of businesses dedicated to using their profits for positive change. (For reference, getting B-Corp certified is very hard so it’s quite impressive when a brand earns that label. Other B-Corp brands you may know are Patagonia, Allbirds and Athleta.) They also support many nonprofits and partners with leading scientists to find safer ingredients (many that are plant based) to create better products.

The Beautycounter mission is simple: to get safer products into the hands of everyone. And they mean EVERYONE! It’s what I didn’t know when I joined but what I love most about this mission. Nine clean beauty laws have been made from our impact, including when our CEO, Gregg Renfrew testified before Congress, making this the first vote on cosmetic reform in the U.S. in 80 years.

We as consultants lead with purpose our businesses by sharing our own experience finding clean, the importance and helping provide solutions for what products our clients want to replace. Each and every single one of us can use our voice for advocacy work making clean beauty something we all have access too. We bring our own experiences, perspectives and allows us to become something bigger with our voices.

As I mentioned above, after a few months of using Beautycounter products, I joined for the 25% discount they offer to consultants. I LOVE that I get a large discount on products I would be purchasing at full price because of the high quality and ingredients. I also love how much they go the extra mile in making the beauty industry step up to the plate and use safer ingredients all around.

My personal story with Beautycounter has allowed me the opportunity to connect with countless women across the US and Canada, share about the importance of safer beauty and provide them with mentoring help if they decide to join as a consultant. It’s become the best job I’ve ever had because of the amazing conversations I have on a daily basis with others.

The women that have decided to join my team, sharing safer beauty, total around 700 women strong in 2021. I honestly, cannot believe it. It seems like a dream to type that out because when I launched my business I was to afraid of what other people were going to think of me and I refused to message anyone about being a consultant. I was a mom of two small babies, with no close friends or family around and longing for a community I didn’t know I needed. When I joined as a consultant, I was immediately plugged into the community and quickly LOVED how warm and welcoming everyone was to someone they didn’t know. Our Beautycounter team is like the girl gang group you never knew you needed… everyone works together to help get safer products into the hands of others.

Something that held me back mentally in my consultant journey was being “that girl.” I didn’t want to be “that girl” who sent out copy and paste impersonal messages to everyone on my friends list that I haven’t spoken with since kindergarten. What I chose to do instead of sending messages like that was focused on educating others on safer beauty and why it was important. I also, shared things on social media about the products I used which got me sales here and there. To be honest, social media sharing has never really helped my business take off. What did change my business was when I decided to take my ego out of the equation and just share about safer beauty and all the things I love about Beautycounter.

We all have different reasons why safer beauty is important to us. Even those of us that don’t realize the importance of safer beauty just yet. Here are a few reasons that I’ve seen over and over within my team:

-wanting to make an impact in the lives of others by sharing about safer beauty
-having a side hustle with the ability to earn money from their sales
-plugging into a community of like minded women
-advocating for change in the beauty industry
-having something positive to lean into

Do you want to join us? I know it’s easy to say “I wouldn’t know where to start.” TO BE HONEST, that was me! But lucky you, you’ve got a wonderful team and community to plug into that will help you launch your new business, the right (non salesy way.)

It’s only $50 to join us right now, can you believe that? You immediately get 25% off all your products (up to 43% if you buy a starter kit at sign up), the ability to make money, make an impact in the lives of others and plug into our amazing community.

If you’re wondering what my thoughts are on direct sales, specifically, Beautycounter… head to my instagram @littlesouthernwife to learn more! EMAIL me to start your journey with me and safer beauty advocacy.