Placenta Encapsulation For the Win

Now that the third trimester has finally ended, welcome to the fourth trimester! This one is all about mommy. Alongside dealing with body issues like post partum bleeding, cramping, sore and engorged boobs, you also have to worry abut maintaining your sanity. The next few months are crucial as a new or once again mom because they set the tone for YOU.

When I first had Nolan, I had no idea about natural ways to fight post partum depression and remember nights/early mornings up with a crying baby wondering how was I ever going to do it. Thankfully as the months went by, I chose (and still continue to do so) to educate myself on myself as a mom. By the time Harper came around, I was so confident as a second time mom that I can count on one hand how many meltdowns I’ve had. Nolan seasoned me, being proactive in my journey by seeking advice from like minded crunchy mamas, reading books and articles by people who follow my same parenting styles – all helped contribute to this growth.

One of the best pieces of advice that I can give to anyone that is about to have a baby is to find someone trained in placenta encapsulation and start setting aside money for it. I asked for gift cards during my baby sprinkles and applied what I needed towards these services. It’s a must in my book, like we must buy diapers and wipes and we must pay to have my placenta encapsulated. Placenta encapsulation is so important (and not gross like everyone thinks – we aren’t eating it with a fork and a spoon right after birth)! Ingesting 3-5 capsules a day helps your body heal faster (say bye bye to bleeding), your milk become more bountiful, increased release of the hormone oxytocin, which helps the uterus return to normal size and encourages bonding with the infant, increase in CRH, a stress-reducing hormone, and decrease in post-partum depression levels. I cannot begin to tell you how much having my placenta encapsulated has helped post partum, just know that it saved my sanity having two kids 20 months apart in age.

When I was pregnant with Scarlet Reese it was one of the few things I purchased and I can say the same for my pregnancy with Mercy. I pretty much had all of my baby items stored and I only had to stock diapers, wipes and pay for my placenta encapsulation. I am so thankful I make it mandatory to do this because it really does help so much mentally and physically after pregnancy. Now that I am a mom of four, I have to heal my body as quickly as I can so I can be there for them. Life doesn’t slow down but having my placenta encapsulated really does help me emotionally and physically recover.

I had the pleasure of working with Whitney Hempsey at Myrtle Beach Placenta Encapsulation this time and I LOVED the results. She is such a great fountain of knowledge and I really suggest you using her services if you are close to Myrtle Beach!