Pass the Beef Liver Please

“Beef liver capsules, yuck!” I can hear it now. I know this goes hand in hand with hearing about why placenta encapsulation is a must in my book but just hear me out. One of the best things I have done for my health and wellness is familiarizing myself on different supplements. I am a big fan of Vital Proteins products and when I saw Beef Liver Capsules on their website I researched their benefits and immediately decided they are a ‘must’ to add to my daily routine! The nutritional benefits to ingesting beef liver are a mile long but I want to talk a little about my top reasons that I take them.

The Vital Proteins beef liver capsules are made from from grass fed desiccated liver. Beef liver is a nutrient-dense source of protein and amino acids. It is high in iron, vitamin A, vitamin B12, folic acid, copper, zinc, and a ton of other vitamins and minerals.

Ingesting beef liver can help you with your fitness routine and help you build muscle mass. These capsules contain iron, protein and vitamin B12, all the ingredients that help your body build and maintain muscle.

This next reason is my favorite and the main reason why I decided to start taking the Beef liver capsules. It gives you energy! If you have low energy, chronic fatigue, allergies, or a condition that leaves you feeling tired, these can improve your energy, stamina, and endurance.

Ingesting beef liver can help correct iron deficiency. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), iron deficiency is the top nutritional deficiency in the world. An estimated 80% of the population is iron deficient, and 30% is anemic. Symptoms of iron deficiency include weakness, tiredness, fatigue, brittle hair and nails, swollen inflamed tongue, restless legs, headaches, cold hands and feet, dizziness, pale skin, increased susceptibility to illnesses, craving for non-food items, and in children, slow development.

The last reason I love these is because they help improve over all health! Beef liver helps with digestion, support heart health, boost metabolism and encourage weight loss, and strengthen the immune system.

If you’re looking into changing your health and wellness routine, I highly suggest adding Beef liver capsules from Vital Proteins to your day! Head over to their website to shop.