Our Dreamy Bedroom

DISCLAIMER: This is what we do in our family. I strongly urge you to look into cosleeping and how do it safety if you are wanting to do it with your family. I always suggest researching for yourself any topics you’re not familiar with and always consult with your healthcare provider.

Happy THURSDAY ya’ll! I can’t believe that it’s already Thursday. This week is flying by and I’m not gonna lie, I am ready for the weekend because Derrek and I have a date scheduled. We try and have one once a week, I’ve shared this before on my blog about our relationship and it really does make a difference.

I get SO MANY questions about our bedroom and I’m so excited to share that it’s finally almost complete. I do want to get a little piece of furniture to go under a mirror but I am not sure exactly what yet. Our bedroom is my favorite room in the house and it’s where I spend the majority of my time. Between our big family bed (don’t worry, I’ll answer your questions about it very soon) and the built in window seat, I just lounge all day while I work. #fabulous right? hahaha.

Derrek built our family bed back when we lived in Lake View and had two kids. The bedrooms for the kids were upstairs and they never slept up there not ONE time, they would always start in their beds asleep and then wake up scared in the middle of the night. With their rooms upstairs, it made me feel really uncomfortable. We have coslept for 6 years and it has worked out perfectly for our family. Cosleeping is something that I researched for quite some time and it was what felt most natural for our family. I urge you to research for yourself if you are interested in doing the same. Our bed is queen and king mattresses pushed together in a bed frame that he made himself. He recently stained the bed frame when we moved into our new house. I bought the bedding for both mattresses and we just use a fitted sheet and a comforter. You can read more about those here.

The window seat is a place that the kids, myself and even our animals love to lounge. It’s nestled between two huge built in book shelves that I love and am still working on styling. I want to find two big baskets to go on the bottom of each side to store socks, baby clothes, etc in. Home of Wool created the cushion custom for us and I feel like it really completes the room. I’ve been interested in wool cushions since I learned about them this past summer and I am interested in converting our mattresses over the next few years. Reducing the indoor air pollution in our home is one of my top priorities and I think that it’s important ya’ll know, I am not perfect and I am constantly working on changes in my life to do better just like to tell ya’ll to do! (Also, if ya’ll know how I can get window tint off help a sista out. The window at the top has it and it just tears off in small strips.)

The next place I love to hang out in my room is in this chair by Burrow. This chair has been with us since we lived in Lake View and I am still as obsessed as I was with it the day it came in. I often sit and nurse Mercy in it or when company comes over either I sit there or on the window seat and we chit chat. The reason why I love this Burrow chair so much is that it’s made without flame retardants (watch the documentary STINK on Netflix and you’ll learn more about this) and it helps reduce our exposure to chemicals. I eventually want to replace our couch with the Burrow sectional so I am currently setting aside money for them.

The last part of our bedroom that I want to share is the cute weavings that I have on the wall. I am so obsessed with these for a few reasons. When I was little, my mom had similar ones in our house and I always loved them. She recently told me that she actually made hers and that makes it even more exciting that I have my own. I love these two because of the textures and colors, they bring an extra flare to the room. These are from a local weavings store and I will link them on my instastories highlights as soon as she posts them on her website for sale.

Wall color: Poised Taupe by Sherwin Williams.

If you have any questions about my bedroom, please leave them in the comments. I would love to help answer your questions and help you create your own cozy bedroom.