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My Boys – Fin First Style

Nolan’s shirt | Derrek’s shirt

Any opportunity for the boys to match, I am so down! They are two peas in a pod and everything Daddy does, Nolan HAS to follow. When Nolan saw that he got the same shirt as Derrek, he couldn’t wait for him to get home so he could show him. The owner of Fin First, is a close friend of mine and spoils us from time to time with new duds. When I saw this new design called: HIGH TIDE on their social media, I knew that the boys had to have it to add to their collection.

Fin First has become our favorite go-to line for printed shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies! The owners are a married couple that create one of a kind, hand-drawn graphics that are inspired by the way they live their life with their son, Fin. I have known about this company for a few years now, and their creativity for their clothing line blows me away with each new design! Supporting small local businesses holds a special place in my heart because I am a small business owner myself. I’m not ashamed to say that we each have multiple pieces from their line, and I even used some of their prints and pillowcases for the kids playroom (you can see pictures here). Their line is addicting and once you buy one shirt, you realize you need three more in every style and the same ones for the kids! They have found the softest materials to print their designs on, and Derrek said his shirt feels like “butter!” Head over to their website to check out their designs and shop their sales over at @finfirstduds on Instagram. Use code: SWEETTEAJEWELS for 25% off of your order! This blog has been compensated by Fin First and I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Read my disclaimer page for more information.